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    May 17 2022

    Visitors to a HEB store can now purchase household items while grocery shopping, and if the Texas grocery giant continues with its current plans, visitors to many of its stores will soon be able to do so, too.

    The HEB location in New Braunfels, TX, recently opened its first home by the HEB division, according to KSAT News. The in-store store offers products under two brands, Haven + Key and Texas Proud. The product assortment consists of items such as candles, pillows, textiles, furniture and home décor. Texas Proud, in particular, will bring in products from local artisans and businesses, such as antler art from Converse, Texas-based Broken Antler.

    HEB is completely at home with the new store-in-store concept
    Photo: HEB

    HEB plans to expand the Home by HEB concept to 25 stores by the end of 2022 and to more than 100 stores within three years, according to Houston Chronicle. The new Braunfels store is also the first HEB location to have a two-story True Texas BBQ.

    With more than 360 stores spread across Texas, HEB is the fifth largest supermarket operator in the United States, according to supermarket news. The grocery chain also operates a number of restaurants and takeaway concepts. In 2018, it acquired local food delivery service, Favor Delivery, which it incorporated into its operations.

    In late 2021, HEB partnered with James Avery Artisan Jewelry to introduce another non-food category, opening jewelry stores within a few locations, according to PYMNTS.

    The chain is also seeking to expand its presence in the healthcare field.

    The opening of two new primary care HEB Wellness clinic locations this month marks the beginning of a “rapid” expansion of a stand-alone concept, according to supermarket news. The concept focuses on providing direct and affordable care, requires no insurance and offers a monthly subscription option. The sites are staffed with board-certified doctors and nurses.

    HEB expands its main footprint as well. Its latest move in Central Texas is to replace a 67,000-square-foot store with one nearly twice as large, according to Austin Statesman.

    Discussion Questions: Will HE-B customers be drawn home by HEB? What are the keys to success for retailers – grocers in particular – when moving into new product categories?


    “HE-B’s latest experience exemplifies the greater diversification movement in retail business.”

    “While I doubt this expansion will attract any new customers, it will probably come as a nice surprise to its existing customers.”

    “The opportunity to increase the size of the basket with products other than food and groceries is abundant.”