How to recreate five-star luxury at home

    We have all experienced this feeling of sheer bliss when entering a hotel room and lying on a perfectly made bed, against a plump pile of pillows, while enjoying tidying up a clutter-free environment.

    A mixture of peace, simplicity and luxury makes these temporary dwellings a complete escape from the chaos of most of our daily lives.

    But what if we could recreate a similar atmosphere at home? What if our bedrooms were a luxurious and serene retreat or our bathrooms were a decadent space for pampering and our living rooms were transformed to create even a soup of the luxurious feel of a five star hotel?

    Well, according to experts, it can be done.

    All bedrooms and suites have been completely renovated at Castlemartyr Resort, a five-star hotel in Co Cork. General Manager Brendan Comerford says they have taken a holistic approach with the new decor.

    “The consideration when designing rooms is that the bedroom isn’t just for sleeping, it’s a space that allows you to indulge in some self-care, so there are a lot of elements to consider,” he says.

    “From an aesthetic perspective, it is important to give an overall choice when choosing a color because it should bring a sense of comfort, relaxation and pleasing to the eye, so that being in the room becomes a pleasure. You can enjoy choosing soft furnishings to compliment the chosen color for a complete look.

    It is estimated that the average person will spend approximately 26 years of their life sleeping, so the benefits of a good bed cannot be underestimated.

    Also, depending on the size and design, you should make the most of the room’s natural features. So if there’s a great view from the bedroom window, build a window seat, or perhaps there’s room for a chair and footstool for quiet reading. The extra touches that make A room is a place to enjoy, from scattered pillows to a lavender-scented candle, that can turn a moment into a peaceful experience. Finally, I recommend using only natural fiber bed linens because the high-quality, soft cotton brings a feeling of freshness to the bed.”

    Mary Chuck, director of business development at Dromoland Castle, the five-star resort in Co Clare, agrees, saying that a good night’s sleep is very important and that a good comfortable bed is a worthwhile investment.

    “The average person is estimated to spend approximately 26 years of their life sleeping, so the benefits of a good bed cannot be underestimated,” she says. “Our mattresses at Dromoland Castle are King Koil Seventh Heaven and a wonderfully luxurious deep pillow. We recommend using mattress protectors and pillow protectors to extend the life of your mattress and to help keep your bed clean and fresh. Also, it’s a good idea to rotate your mattress every three months and move it every three to six months. .

    ‘If you have the space, oversized quilts are a great luxury. Pillows are also a very personal choice and there is a huge selection available from memory foam or microfiber to soft gooseberry. Fleece pillows are the most eco-friendly, but you can also get luxurious pillows as well. From bamboo memory foam now too.”

    Chawke recommends changing the pillows every one to two years, and giving the bedroom a luxurious feel with fresh linens and some pops of color.

    Nothing is more beautiful than plunging into a modern bed with luxuriously soft linens and there are some great collections available such as collections from Frances Brennan or Paul Costello. [at Dunnes Stores] And you can finish the look with a pop of color and some matching bed pillows,” she says. “And when you make your bed each day, fold the top sheet and quilt in the middle of the bed to freshen it up and open the windows to let air in.

    ‘Bedrooms should be an oasis of calm and relaxation, so we suggest keeping the space in a somewhat neutral color, with a feature wall behind the headboard if you want to add a splash of color. Lighting should be light at night, but consider the presence of light Extra for reading Good quality heavy curtains will keep out the daylight or buy them from a selection of ready-made blackout curtains.

    “Of course, a nice chair always works well in a bedroom but remember that a little more is in this area, so avoid the messy look. Soft rugs are nice to touch underfoot or if you prefer traditional floorboards, finish it with a few soft rugs.”

    Castlemartyr recommends using only natural fiber bed linens because the soft, high-quality cotton brings a new feel to the bed.  Photography: Barry Murphy Photography

    Castlemartyr recommends using only natural fiber bed linens because the soft, high-quality cotton brings a new feel to the bed. Photography: Barry Murphy Photography

    Life is short, so why not make your home as warm and welcoming as possible as you spend a lot of time there

    Accessories are also very important when it comes to designing a great bedroom, says Carolyn Dudley, director of accommodations at Dromoland Castle.

    “Bedroom lamps should be decorative, form part of the bedroom’s design, and emit soft or low light,” she says. A separate reading light is also a good idea. The headboard is also important because the bed area is the first thing you look at when entering the bedroom.

    “A nice throw bed and pillows add to the overall design of the room along with the very comfortable Queen Anne armchair with another throw in his arm.”

    Interior designer Máire Hennessy O’Connor of Chic Dwelling Décor offers some tips on how to achieve five-star luxury not only in the bedroom but also in the bathroom and living room, without incurring any cost.

    “Life is short, so why not make your home as warm and welcoming as possible because you spend so much time there—and you deserve it,” she says.

    Meyer Hennessy O’Connor’s Tips for Adding Luxuriousness


    “Pamper yourself with fluffy white cotton sheets, a duvet cover and pillowcases. This would be number one for me in a luxury hotel and I would feel right at home. Keep an eye out for the summer sales as the super-soft, thread-count white sheets instantly add to the feeling of luxury.

    Hotels are known for their glamorous decor schemes, so it pays to take advantage of soothing color schemes – like soft blue and green. And if you mute the neutrals in your living space, your bedroom is a space where you can truly express who you are and go with what you really love about yourself.

    “If budget allows, a fabric headboard can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your bedroom space. No matter the shape, size, or style, it instantly makes a space look classic and draws the eye to the most important part of the room—the bed.

    the toilet

    Beautifully scented candles made in Ireland are definitely a winner for making your bathroom feel luxurious as a good candle instantly gives you a sense of relaxation and signifies that it’s time to take a break.

    ‘You might not think bathrooms and wallpaper come together or can be combined into a luxurious scheme, but provided it’s done right, it can have a great long-lasting effect. You can choose to cover all wall space or one feature wall, away from areas of high humidity. So be adventurous.

    “One of the attractions of the spa is the sense of escape from reality and the experience completely immersive. So, in addition to music and soothing touches like a soft robe and slippers, soothing wall art pieces and indoor plants can create a relaxing master bathroom without breaking the bank. All of this will add to that feeling. A haven where we can run a nice bath and escape our busy lives.”