Ifuennada’s N58M dress and the many lies that celebrities tell [Pulse Editor’s Opinion]

One of the awards night’s feats was the glitz and glam that resonated from the moment she walked the red carpet.

Nigerian celebrities have spent their hard-earned money to look the best and sometimes they try as much as possible to outdo themselves.

From makeup, shoes, dresses, suits, and accessories, I was sure to see these guys go the extra mile. Who does not want to be the talk of the night?

However, this was where some of your favorite celebrities fell off the line.

Ifuennada joined several of her colleagues on the red carpet at AMVCA’s 8th with one of the evening’s most talked about outfits.

If you are a keen enthusiast of the Nigerian fashion industry or a fashion lover, her outfit reads famous fashion designer Toyin Lawani all over.

It was a black costume full of masks and all the things Lawani uses to make her clothes and makes you wonder if she’s actually human – please I mean this in a good way.

While fans were still trying to figure out if the outfit was interviewed for the red carpet or the Met Gala, Ifuennada decided to clear the air of her now-controversial outfit – a very wrong move.

“My entire appearance is worth over $100K…Yes, you read that right! So if you don’t have a minimum of $10K in a local account, you have no right to talk about my appearance. Basically, stay Far from criticizing my clothes if I’m broke,” She wrote on her Instagram page.

Excuse me mom, that’s a lie! Do you know how much it is in failed naira? Huge N58M! A lie you should never tell even to your most vulnerable fan. Sources close to Lawani say the dress didn’t cost much!

Now Nigerian celebrities need to know this. You should avoid telling such tales especially when you have a huge fan base.

These types of “Lampa” The exact reasons why celebrities face challenges in the future, especially those related to health and seeking financial assistance, most Nigerians are looking the other way.

Ifuennada has revealed on several occasions that she lives a very glamorous lifestyle.

“This year on my birthday, I spent 1 million naira on perfume. I spent 1 million naira in one week. The thing is, I love perfume so much… yeah and everyone knows that,” She said in a video at the time.

Even if you’re Elon Musk’s obvious heir, that’s a terrible amount of money to spend on perfume.

As someone who has closely followed the lifestyles of most Nigerian reality TV stars for the past five years, Ifuennada hasn’t really gotten big endorsement deals for the equality of lifestyle she portrayed.

This does not mean that she does not have another successful business.

We got it, Ifu. As a celebrity, you have to stay relevant, or else the world will forget you in a hurry. For the folks involved in Big Brother Naija Season 3, staying relevant has got to be a daily headache.

The seventh season of the reality TV show is starting soon and this is a huge problem for the market value of all the former roommates including the previous winners.

We know how hard it is to stay famous, bag endorsement deals, movie roles and drop hit songs in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

There are many ways to stay relevant to the ever-evolving entertainment industry, but telling blatant lies shouldn’t be one of them.

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