Is your home decor big enough?

    Jonathan and Drew Scott Know that the home’s design aesthetic must mature with the homeowner. And on their latest track “Celebrity IOU”, they had their work cut out when they were comedians Howie Mandel He asks for help renovating his friend’s apartment, which looks like a college residence.

    In Season 4 episode “Exciting Hobbyist Surprise,” Mandel tells the “Property Brothers” stars about the road manager he’s been friends with for 30 years, rich. Rich moved into his own apartment 15 years ago and hasn’t refreshed the space since. So it’s no surprise that when the brothers see the house, they’re not impressed. Not only does the place have beer cans and a range of bottle caps on display, it has a laid back and historical feel as well.

    “It’s pretty much what Howie showed us,” Jonathan says. “It looks like a frat pillow.”

    The brothers on the property know they’ll have to fix this space while maintaining a fun-loving vibe.

    “There’s a way to balance all the fun and collectibles from the road with a place where it really feels mature, relaxed, and collected,” says Jonathan.

    Read on to find out how the Scott Brothers are helping this home to mature with its owner, which may guide you to some areas of your dwelling that need to do some growing, too.

    The design and finishes can make the space appear larger

    narrow kitchen
    Before that: This kitchen was definitely cramped.


    One of the biggest problems for Rich Kondo is a cramped kitchen. When Mandel first showed the Scott Brothers home, he noted how narrow the space was. The brothers wholeheartedly agree that this space is too small.

    The team removes a kitchen wall to give the entire space a more welcoming feel, then updates the space with light, modern finishes like flat-panel cabinets and a light gray porcelain nightstand. While the open design makes a huge difference, the finishes are really what makes this kitchen look bright and open.

    open kitchen
    After: This bright white kitchen is connected to a cozy built-in banquette.


    Drew and Jonathan show that there are plenty of ways to help a small space feel so much bigger. While tearing down a wall may not be possible in every home, simply lightening the color palette makes a big difference.


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    “A lot of people say, ‘I have a smaller place, the footprint is not that big. Drew says. “I’m like, ‘No, you can do amazing things.'” “

    Jonathan Scott and Howie Mandel
    Jonathan Scott and Howie Mandel talk.


    Don’t be afraid to remove windows

    kitchen window
    Before that: This kitchen window let in some natural light.


    During the renovation, Drew and Jonathan decided to close the kitchen window, a design decision that may surprise many homeowners. However, the brothers know that with a wall in, this kitchen doesn’t need additional natural light and would benefit most from a ventilation hood and a backsplash in place.

    It’s usually like, ‘Don’t do that,’ Jonathan says. Except for the opening of the kitchen walls, now all the light comes from behind. It would be great.”

    New backsplash
    After: Without a window, the Scott brothers make more room for their sleek new rear screen.


    When the kitchen is finished, it turns out that this space is not missing a window. Sunlight streams in from the large windows on the other side of the apartment, and now the kitchen wall looks elegant with a backsplash and additional cabinets. Clearly removing this window was a smart upgrade that many homeowners didn’t think of.

    New stair railings can add sophistication

    narrow apartment
    Before that: the brothers wanted to update this balustrade.


    Drew and Jonathan want to make sure this apartment is beautiful and mature. So they work hard to find places where they can give it a more modern and dignified touch. One point they run on is the stair railing.

    To add a sophisticated touch, they replaced the old white rail with a tall iron railing. The results are more dramatic, which catches the eye and makes the apartment appear larger.

    “These balusters have that clean, modern look that Howie told us Rich loves them,” says Jonathan. “And we’ll paint them black to elevate the entire space and give Rich the adult sanctuary he deserves.”

    stair railing
    AFTER: Drew and Jonathan make big changes to stair railings


    In the end, dramatic black bars look perfect in this space. It matches the black banquet wall and gives the house a more refined look. Sometimes, something as simple as replacing a railing can go a long way in transforming pillow blanks into a stylish home.

    stair railing
    Stair railings can be an easy thing to update to make a home look more modern.


    L-shaped fireplace can be enjoyed from more angles

    old fireplace
    Before that: This old fireplace was nothing special.


    The brothers on the property know another great way to make an apartment feel grown-up is by using the neat fire feature. Drew Fireplace stores end up choosing an L-shaped gas stove with a modern and elegant look.

    “Because it wraps around the place, even from the kitchen looking this way, you can still see the beauty of the stove,” says Jonathan.

    Living room
    After: This fireplace looks great even from the kitchen.


    Dark and moody color can make the bedroom more elegant

    Before: Rich’s bedroom before the renovation


    When the brothers finished renovating their living room and kitchen, they decided to also give Rich’s bedroom a quick makeover. As Drew points out, the space needs some work.

    “It feels like a bedroom; however, I feel there is a lot we can do just to renovate it and make it feel like a great adult space for him and his girlfriend.”

    dark bedroom
    After: This dark bedroom looks more subtle.


    The brothers and Mandel decided to paint the room a dark gray and add a wood panel to the headboard wall. When the room is finished, it is amazing to see how much this room has changed. With a little bit of wood clapboard and some moody paint, this space feels like a chic and elegant place.

    Celebrity IOU
    Rich is delighted with his updated home on “Celebrity IOU”.