Johnny Depp wins support from the abuse of women, fellow celebrities, Universal Studios and Dior

Amidst sexual allegations violenceAnd home abuseAnd libel against himAnd Johnny Depp He has already emerged victorious, although his libel Experience against the formerwife Amber Heard He still has at least a week left, and jury deliberations have yet to begin.

Depp got support from an international non-profit organization called MISSION NGOAnd According to Newsweek.

MISSION NGOWho supports women and children who have experienced physical, sexual and psychological suffering abuseissued a statement in support of Johnny Depp.

President and Founder MISSION NGO Valeria Altobelli He wrote in the statement:

violence It is a serious topic. As women, as mothers, we have a duty and responsibility to raise our sons and daughters, that is, the future generation, in the light of the values ​​of dialogue, respect and sympathy between men and women, without any distinction between the sexes, in order to prevent this violence With weapons of love and education.

“In profound respect for the victims of domestic abuse that we have to stress for intellectual honesty, in general, we feel that we, as women, as mothers, and as free thinkers, sympathy to Johnny Depp On this bad page of his personal history.”

Altobelli also wrote an open letter, According to Globe NewswireThis is partly text:

MISSION NGO Women all over the world are against it home violenceRegardless of gender, age or race. Our mission is to educate men and women, with no gender differences, to continue to speak and live in the values ​​of love, mutual understanding and sensitivity in order to prevent all kinds of violenceAgainst women, against men, and against children.

“As women, we have sympathy And we sympathize not with the star, the talent, and the actor, but with a man, a father, a worker, a human being. Psychological health It is something we should care about to live in a positive environment where women and men can love and respect each other without any kind of abuse And violence. We are human beings and we have to find the humanity we were born to live for.”

In addition to MISSION NGOAnd Johnny Depp Recently he got support from other fellow Hollywood celebrities.

Depp’s ex-partner was one of the first to express their support for the famous actor. Winona Ryder And Johnny Depp Dated in the early ’90s, Ryder says the allegations she’s heard about him don’t sound like Depp at all.

Johnny Depp wants the return of Winona Ryder?


“The idea that he’s an incredibly violent person is the farthest thing from the Johnny I’ve known and loved,” Ryder said. “He was never, ever, violent towards me. He was never violent or abusive towards anyone I saw.”

Depp worked with Javier Bardem in before night falls (2000) and Disney Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men don’t tell stories (2017). Bardem says there are a lot of things he likes about Deep.

Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Johnny Depp Rejects Female IndyWire Villain

Credit: Disney

People Magazine She stated that Bardem wrote “I love Johnny. He has always been a true gentleman and a very generous friend and caring for my family and myself. Furthermore, I have had the gift of working with him twice and have witnessed his respectful attitude towards each and every crew member along with his unique sense of humor and fun” .

Bardem also said, “I stand by Johnny because I’ve always seen and felt a real man who cares and loves him. [I] I respect him deeply and thank him for being the free and careless little boy who is in his art and the mature and loving man who lives in the lives of others – always there when we need him.”

Penelope Cruz said, “I have seen Johnny in many situations and he is always kind to everyone. He is one of the most generous people I know.”

Johnny Depp makes a surprise appearance in Pirates of the Caribbean

Credit: Disney

Other celebrities have taken a stand for Johnny Depp include sia, Eva GreenAnd Amber Heardco-star Jason MomoaHelena Bonham Carter, Robert Downey Jr. Chris RockAnd Tim BurtonJ.K. Rowling (although Depp was removed from Fantastic beasts), and others. Universal Studios and Dior have also stood in support of Johnny Depp.

Depp appeared in a Dior perfume campaign from 2015, and the company said it was supporting Depp amid his current legal battle.

Johnny Depp Dior Brand

credit: Dior

Depp’s ex-partner and mother of two kids Lily Rose deep and Jack Depp, Vanessa ParadisShe stood by the father of her children from the beginning.

“This is not like the real Johnny I have known, and from my personal experience of many years, I can say that he was never violent or abusive,” Paradis said. “I saw that these outrageous statements were really sad, and it also hurt his career because unfortunately, people kept believing these false facts.”

The son of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis suffers from an illness

Credit: The Independent

The Johnny Depp Fifth. Amber Heard libel Experience Resumes on Monday 23 May.