Junior NTR turns 39: Telugu celebrities remember their association with RRR star

Junior NTR also known as Tarak, who is blessed with success, celebrates his 39th birthday today. After entering the film industry as the grandson of legendary actor Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao in 2001 with Ninnu Choodalani, Jr NTR has appeared as “The Crowd Man” with films such as Student No.1, Aadi, Simhadri, Yamadonga, Adhurs, Baadshah, Sajih, Janatha Karaj and Aravinda Samita Vera. Ragava. After being shown in 29 films, the actor will soon collaborate with directors Koratala Siva and Prashanth Neel on NTR30 and NTR31 respectively.

In his 21 year career, Jr NTR’s work ethic and gentle nature has earned him love and admiration from his colleagues. On his birthday, Telugu celebrities are talking about their association with actor RRR.

Sreenu Vaitla: Jr NTR is very affectionate and emotional

Sereno Vaitla led the star of Tarak Badshah (2013). Describing the actor as a real person, Vaitla said, “As a performer, Tarak is versatile. He is on par with his late grandfather NTR. He can do justice to any kind of role. For example, the stage acting in RRR song “Komaram Bheemudo” made me Emotionally.As a person too, he is very real.He is very affectionate and emotional.Although I have directed many films, I cherish working with Jr NTR in Baadshah.This is because of Tarak and his ability to handle everything on set.Today, he is a star of All India, and his journey simply amazes me.”

Thaman: Jr NTR is more than a brother to me

Taman has composed the music for the films Jr NTR Brindavanam (2010) and Aravinda Sametha (2018). The music director shared his thoughts on Tarek, and expressed his gratitude to the actor for always supporting him. He said, “Junior NTR always wants to have his friends, well-wishers and people who believe in him by his side. He is a kind hearted soul. I am grateful for the trust he placed in me. He is more than just a brother to me, and I will never forget the love and support he gave me.”

Speaking of Son Junior’s acting, Taman said, “He always lives in his scenes instead of acting. That’s why he has such a big fan base.”

Rahul Ramakrishna: Jr NTR is the best actor

Rahul Ramakrishna played a pivotal role in Tarak’s RRR. He said, “Jr NTR is the best actor I have worked with so far. He is good with everyone. I hope to work with him in the future.”

Sons NTR . Son Son NTR with his sons Abhay Ram and Bhargav Ram. (Photo: jrntr/Instagram)

Naveen Chandra: Tarak is very focused on his work

In Junior NTR star Aravinda Sametha Veera Raghava, Naveen Chandra played opponent Bal Reddy, with a twist. Speaking of Tarak, Chandra said, “Jr NTR was born to shoot movies. He is very focused on his work. His outlook towards work always pushes him to work hard. In my opinion, this is not an easy thing, and he has nailed it. He was born to work.”

Satish Vijesna: The respect that Tarak gives technicians is his best quality

Satish Vijesna, National Award-winning director of the national film Chathamanam Bhavathi, has co-wrote the screenplay by Junior NTR star Ramaya Vastavaya. Speaking of Tarak, Vijesna said: “As an artist, Tarak always delivers more than a director or writer can imagine. As a person, the respect he gives to technicians is his best quality.”

NTR . Son's Family Junior NTR and his wife Lakshmi Pranati with their sons Abhay Ram and Bhargav Ram. (Photo: jrntr/Instagram)

Priyadarshi: Jr NTR greeted me with a big smile

Priyadarshi Pulikonda shared screen space with Jr NTR in Jai Lava Kusha (2017). Recalling his experience working with Tarak, the actor said, “Working with Jr NTR for Jai Lava Kusha was a special experience. I still remember those three days I spent shooting with him when I was a bit scared and nervous to perform his show alongside him. It is because of his stardom and the fan that He follows her. But he always greeted me with a big smile. We had great rehearsal sessions for our parts. I hope and look forward to working with him again. Very happy birthday to Tariq Anna. We love you so much, and you continue to inspire us.”