Kuwait University has been awarded a $50,000 T-Mobile Hometown Scholarship for Keith Haring Fitness Park

    The Keith Haring Fitness Park Scholarship is provided by T-Mobile. May 5, 2022.

    Kutztown University has received $50,000 from T-Mobile’s Hometown Grant Initiative to support Keith Haring Fitness Park. This one-of-a-kind park is the result of a partnership with the university and the Kutztown Community Partnership.

    Representatives from T-Mobile visited the KU campus for a check presentation on Thursday, May 5, and spent time with members of the KU community to celebrate this collaboration.

    T-Mobile’s Hometown Grants Program is a $25 million, five-year initiative to support the people and organizations that help small towns across America thrive and grow by providing funding to start important new community development projects. Local Grants are awarded quarterly to up to 25 small towns.

    “T-Mobile loves to invest in small, rural towns across the country, and we are constantly striving to support what local communities care about,” said Joe Giannone, Senior Director, SMRA Sales. “Here at the University of Kutztown, T-Mobile is grateful for the opportunity to provide a $50,000 Hometown Grant, which will be used to support the new Keith Haring Fitness Center. This is very apt because Keith has been an internationally known local in Kutztown. This will be The space is open to the community and will make a great appreciation for the local culture of the area with fitness in mind.”

    Located on the KU campus, at the corner of Baldy Street and Normal Avenue, the Keith Haring Fitness Collection is a limited edition outdoor art collaboration with the Keith Haring Foundation in New York, Outdoor Fitness Court and the National Fitness Campaign (NFC).

    The fitness field will feature a 32″ x 35″ outdoor circuit training system with 30 pieces of bodyweight fitness components, including seven full-body circuit training stations and a bodyweight training wall. The park is located on the Kuwait University campus, at the corner of Baladi Street and Nural Avenue, and is due to be ready in the fall of 2022. Haring’s art will be incorporated into every element.

    “I would like to thank T-Mobile for its generous donation to help bring this park to Kutztown University, ensuring that Haring’s legacy is a prominent part of our campus community,” said student body president Kayla Sherry 23.

    Haring was an activist and legendary artist who revolutionized pop art with his graffiti-like works filled with abstract lines and colorful shapes. His illustrations in the 1980s grew out of New York street culture and became a widely recognized visual language for many.

    “We are proud and excited that the city of Kutztown, Keith Haring’s hometown, was one of 10 locations selected nationwide for the Keith Haring Outdoor Fitness Center,” said Sandy Green, Community Liaison and Government Relations Assistant at Kutztown University. With the help of the T-Mobile Hometown Grant, the University of Kutztown and the Kutztown Community Partnership will be able to accelerate the schedule for this project. We’re thrilled and excited that T-Mobile has recognized our commitment to helping our region’s citizens and college students stay active at every age and stage of life. We believe this fitness stadium will provide a unique opportunity for the local community to gain more access to achieve this goal.”

    The cost to bring this project to campus is $200,000 plus maintenance costs. KU Foundation actively raises funds and accepts inquiries about sponsorships. There are different levels of care; The name of the main sponsor will be placed below the signature of Keith Haring at The Fitness Garden. Support the project at https://give.classy.org/fitnesscourt.