Nanoleaf Skins Review: Smart Lighting Decor

    Jason Cipriani/CNN

    One quick and easy way to personalize the look and feel of any room or home office is to add RGB lights, including the popular Nanoleaf wall panels. I’ve reviewed many of the company’s products, and the Nanoleaf lines are by far my favorite. And with the recently launched Skins extension for Lines, you can add more customization to your wall in just a few seconds.

    The surfaces come in black or pink and are installed or where the lines are currently installed. You can pick up a bundle of nine skins and nine covers for $19.99.

    I installed Skins on my Lines a few days ago, and I appreciate the new look of my lines. However, there are two things I would like to change about them.

    A simple smart home upgrade for Nanoleaf fans

    If you’re using Nanoleaf Lines as your smart home lighting, Skins is a cheap and simple upgrade that lets you customize the look of your room even more.

    What we loved about it

    Easy installation

    Jason Cipriani/CNN

    When you open the chest, you’ll see nine shapes that fit the top of each line individually. You do not need to separate the line itself; Just leave it attached to the connector and stick the skin over it. There will be no audible click when you press it all the way down, so don’t press too hard.

    The hardest part of the installation is replacing the cap for each connector. It takes a good amount of force to remove the cover – enough that I thought I was going to pull the connector off the wall. Fortunately, that did not happen. Easy to put new color caps in place.

    Finally, it took less than five minutes to complete the installation. The longer part of that was deciding if I should put the skins on each line or leave some white.

    Black makes the colors stand out

    Jason Cipriani/CNN

    I had no problem with the white streaks and the way the RGB colors looked. However, now that I’ve had a couple of days with the black sleeves above my stripes, the bright colors look much better due to the contrast that black provides.

    I don’t have pink skins on hand to hang on to how they look, but I imagine adding some color in front of the lights would help.

    It is an affordable supplement

    Nanoleaf products are expensive, so I totally expected leather to follow suit. For example, a smarter basic set with nine lines costs $179.99 at the moment. An expansion pack that only includes three additional lines is $59.99, or roughly $20 per line.

    If you stick with the smarter set and the nine stripes it includes, you’ll spend another $20 — that’s $200 — for pink or black leather.

    What we didn’t like about it

    The base of the connector and console are still white

    Jason Cipriani/CNN

    It’s hard to please that the base of the connectors where each line connects and supplies power to the other lines are still white and visible, distracting from the new version of your lines. My wall is white and sometimes I don’t see the connectors at all, but other times the white base really goes against the black aesthetic.

    On top of that, the controller has buttons that you can use to control the lights and where the power plugs are still in the white lines. There is no way to replace the cap, and there are no other color options.

    There are only two color options

    Black and pink are both great, but it would be nice to see more color options. Maybe even some brighter, more neon-like colors to take away from the RGB color options offered by the lights. For example, the Nanoleaf Elements line provides a natural wood finish that looks great on the lines.


    Jason Cipriani/CNN

    Nanoleaf stripes used to look great before the Skins were introduced, but now with additional colors through an affordable accessory, you can completely customize the look of your room. And at $20 a cut enough to cover the $179 Smarter Kit, it’s an easy and affordable addition to your RGB setup—if you like black or pink, that is.