Olivia Colman and Joanna Lumley are among the celebrities revealing childhood dreams

Olivia Colman revealed that she wanted to become a nurse as a child, while Ms. Joanna Lumley spoke about her childhood dream of becoming Prime Minister.

As part of the new Guide Dogs campaign, a group of famous faces recalled their childhood career aspirations.

Oscar-winner Coleman, 48, told the Blindness Charity: “I thought I’d be a nurse. When you’re young, an exciting rite of passage is to dream about what you’ll be like when you’re older.”

“It is so wonderful that Guide Dogs supports and empowers children with visual impairments to make their dreams a reality.”

Dam Joanna, 76, revealed that she had a number of different career aspirations during her childhood.

“I wanted to be the prime minister, the brain surgeon, the famous explorer, and the pirate,” she said.

“But then I found out that, as an actress, it was all too easy to be all of this stuff—and a queen, and a sinister aunt, tiger lily, and a singing cow, and a ghost doll and a rag as well. Oh, Didley Dee! An actor’s life for me!”

Guide Dogs has done research on what visually impaired children want when they grow up, after reports that 75% of visually impaired adults are unemployed.

The charity launched its Every Dream Matters campaign in the hope of providing tools and inspiration to children with visual impairments who are concerned that their disability will prevent them from finding their dream job.


Joanna Lumley has revealed that she hoped to be Prime Minister (Joanna Lumley/PA)

Television presenter and naturalist Chris Packham said he dreams of being a Thunderbirds pilot, while Greg Wallace wanted MasterChef to join the Royal Navy.

A number of celebrities who participated in the campaign revealed that they succeeded in achieving their childhood dream.

Broadcaster and journalist Eamonn Holmes said: “Since the age of 10 I wanted to be a radio journalist.

“And it has been demonstrated by seeing (Northern Ireland) problems develop around me and are reported on television. I have always had this mission to explain in my heart.”

Chef and TV presenter Matt Thibaut said: “I played up the idea of ​​joining the RAF as a boy, but my true passion has always been food. And that passion began on family holidays in northern France.”


Olivia Colman revealed that she wanted to become a nurse as a child (Olivia Colman/PA)

Some stars have spoken of their childhood desires to pursue adventurous ambitions, including TV presenter Nick Knowles, who wanted to be an explorer, and Michelin-starred chef Tom Kerridge, who said, “I wanted to be an astronaut or a bear fighter!”

Countdown star Susie Dent said, “I had two completely different ambitions – one to become a poet, to sit in a remote part of the countryside and compose lyrics, and the other to be a hotel manager, as if we were lucky enough to stay in as a family I never wanted to leave!”

Presenter and comedian Paul O’Grady revealed an even more unusual childhood desire – working in a laundry.

“When I was very young,” he said, “I wanted to work at the desk of a dry-cleaner, and then I wanted to be a secret agent, and if they didn’t have them, it was a carelessness between becoming a chemist or working at Chester Zoo.”

The Guide Dogs Every Dream Counts campaign supports visually impaired children to realize their dreams through a range of ongoing services.



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