On-site works begin on a new luxury development in Nottinghamshire with first sight revealed

    Work begins on a new luxury development in Bramkot with the first sight reveal.

    Nottingham-based North Sands Developments has commenced construction of its second prestigious residential scheme on the exclusive and coveted Cow Lane in Bramcote, Nottingham, with the first sight reveal.

    The project, located in the Bramcot Village Conservation Area near Beeston, will be named The Grove and will consist of three luxury five-bedroom family homes, each with white trim and wide windows.

    Picture of The Grove 1

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    Priced between £1.5 million and £1.7 million, each exclusive home will boast a clean, contemporary look and feel with top-quality functionality, and will offer ample living, kitchen and dining spaces, ideal for modern family living.

    The development is surrounded by a protected forest and two homes feature their own share of forest, providing a rural oasis that reaps the benefits of an address linked to the popular Bramcote area; Just 4.5 miles from Nottingham city centre.

    Picture of The Grove 3

    After the site has already been cleared, North Sands Developments has begun work on these dream homes, scheduled for completion in the spring of 2023.

    The main advantage of this unique development is that buyers will have the opportunity to design their homes to meet their exact requirements by working alongside North Sands Developments’ design team.

    Buyers will be able to choose their own custom features such as high-quality kitchen and bathroom interiors, floor finishes, interior doors, and tiles, to name a few. New owners will have the ability to participate as much as they wish.

    James Hartley, Director, North Sands Developments, said: “Following the success of our first Cow Lane project, we are extremely excited to once again build more exclusive executive style homes in such a stunning, lush and sought-after location. We always ensure our homes are designed and built to a high specification. And making sure it fits easily with its surroundings.

    “What I love most about this location is that it is located in a quiet, breathtaking and mature woodland environment of Cow Lane – every home will have large windows that will frame these surroundings and potential buyers can get a real sense of what this will look like in the new photos we released.”

    “We already have one of the homes on offer prior to any official marketing with our new ‘Northsands Bespoke’ offering; this means that early adopters will be able to design and choose the interior finishes themselves and will have the Northsands team there to hold their hand through the unique and distinctive experience of building their dream home from Yes they.

    “Interiors and finishes play a huge role in buying decisions; in short, buyers don’t have to compromise as everything can be customized for them, which is something you can’t always say when buying a home.

    “Having such a place to call home and so close to Nottingham city centre, Beeston, Boots, QMC Hospital and University, it is incredibly quiet and one of the most desirable locations in Nottinghamshire. Beeston in particular is really developing – with plentiful stores and retail outlets Brand new restaurants and cinema, everything is on the doorstep without having to go into town, although the town is incredibly accessible by road, tram and train.Major road routes including the A52 and M1 are also within walking distance.

    “We have had a lot of interest in The Grove with one home already on offer. North Sands encourages anyone interested in purchasing to contact our dealer, FHP Living for more information.”

    Jules Hunt, Director of Sales, FHP Living said: “We are delighted to be working to once again develop North Sands at another great location in Cow Lane. After the success of Cow Lane 41-47, we expect ‘The Grove’ to become incredibly popular among potential buyers.

    “We encourage buyers to contact us at their earliest convenience so that they can take full advantage of the opportunity to work with the North Sands team – to design their custom home from start to finish.”

    North Sands Developments based in Nottingham was launched in 2009 and from the start its aim has been to create highly desirable homes and has earned a reputation for quality, service and architectural brilliance.