Packing big design into small homes

Writer Mike Goldes poses in front of Marian O'Keeffe Harbor in Charlotte, North Carolina.  It was the eleventh estate on his little home tour.

In the era of COVID-19, my dreams of international adventures have been put on hold, but my escape hasn’t quite stopped. You’ve planned safe, socially distanced road trips, but with a twist: small travel.

In October 2020, she embarked on an ongoing “little home tour” across the country and the world. My group so far consists of 25 local residencies and one international residency.

As an advertised minimalist, I travel lightly, even to remote destinations. The idea of ​​a well-planned, efficient small living space that a tiny home can provide makes sense.

But not all tiny homes are created equal. Some people may assume that beautifying a small-sized home requires minimal effort, but owners and interior designers may disagree. Here, many Airbnb super-hosts (a designation given to the highest-rated, most experienced hosts) and home design designers share their ideas and inspiration for making the most of a small situation.

Design details

After sleeping in 26 of them, one thing is for sure: No two tiny homes are designed alike. As a short term renter, I am experiencing a new emotion influenced by the environment that each small home host creates. Many factors must be taken into account, from building materials to decoration.