Robin Wilson, founder of Clean Design Home, first black woman to hold a global license for a hypoallergenic textile brand at Macy’s

(Black BRWire) Robin Wilson began her journey with allergies, with her parents involved, and humble beginnings in Austin, Texas. Now hailed by Inc. Magazine. She is on the Top 100 List and has launched her CLEAN DESIGN HOMETM x Martex collection at Macy’s.

Now known as the first black American woman founder and licensee of a global brand of hypoallergenic textiles – it is expected to be available for retail sale in the UK and Japan by the end of the year.
As a nationally recognized expert in hypoallergenic and eco-friendly design, Wilson has turned her lifelong knowledge of living with asthma into her passion, to create a healthy lifestyle brand with all guaranteed eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, sustainable, and non-toxic products.

Robin says, “Think sarcasm! My grandfather was a cotton picking farmer in Texas. Now, my deluxe, hypoallergenic 100% cotton collection is being sold nationwide at Macy’s. It’s a legacy story in three generations. Plus, the development arm will We have designed a subdivision outside of Austin on more than 80 acres of land owned by my family for generations.”

Robin Wilson founded A Blue Egg Corporation, a group founded in 2006 that focuses on real estate, design, and licensing. She left the corporate world in 1999 after Heidrick & Struggles’ initial public offering gave her windfall – and she’s become an entrepreneur, author, and creative director for the Robin Wilson Home brand since 2000. However, she’s also struggled with financial inequality when Her attempt to build her business, even with an undergraduate degree in real estate finance from New York University – prevented her from gaining traction as a developer.

“Generational wealth wasn’t created by most black families because they couldn’t get bank loans to buy land or build businesses. I hope we can change this paradigm as we continue to build our brand and licensing in other categories. It’s fun to partner with Macy’s and the venerable Martex brand,” she says. CLEAN DESIGN HOMETM x Martex has a variety of textiles focused on keeping asthma and allergies under control – like dust mites, pet dander and pollen.

The CLEAN DESIGN HOMETM x Martex collection includes pillows, sheet sets, quilts, robes and towels, plus a special selection of allergen utility options to protect your mattress and pillow. The palette is a simplified palette of white, grey, light blue, ivory, and blush and includes 400 thread count sheets and comforters. The collection is available in 165 Macy’s stores across the United States and online.

CLEAN DESIGN HOME® also launched new luxury handmade mattresses. Each mattress is manufactured in the USA and made to order with delivery directly to your residence. With handcrafted details geared towards an allergen-free environment, the new CLEAN DESIGN HOME® mattress collection is made from eco-friendly materials, including GOTS certified cotton and Eco-FlexTM foam, providing
A “Full Bed Story” perfectly revitalizes and allows eco-friendly considerations.
Robin is also a domestic violence survivor and the founder of the Lilac Project to help domestic violence survivors.

For every CLEAN DESIGN HOME® x Martex purchase, one bed sheet item will be purple
Donated to Joe Torre’s Safe at Home Foundation.

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simple facts
• Robin’s father, who passed away in November 2021 (from COVID), was the youngest of 10 children born to a farmer, who also worked to build a railway.
• In 2008, she became the first black woman to license her brand of custom kitchen cabinets that were sold nationwide by 400 independent dealers, generating more than $82 million, wholesale – followed by the eponymous textile line sold in retail stores.
• In 2020, it was selected as one of the 100 Best Female Institutions in the World by Inc. Magazine.
• Beginning in the spring of 2022, WestPoint Home plans to distribute the CLEAN DESIGN HOMETM x Martex collection of bed and bath through its website, as well as select departments and specialty stores globally.