Staying in a small luxury home on the beautiful waters of Hindmarsh Island • Glam Adelaide

    If you are looking for a luxury experience on the water, look no further than Hindmarsh Floating Island!

    This unique little home experience is the perfect opportunity to live out your little one’s imagination.

    The floating cabin embraces the concept of compact living, with small but efficiently designed spaces perfect for any small home fan – all on the water!

    Despite the FloatHOME’s smaller size, the interior is far from imperfect. ESD (Environmental Sustainable Design) principles were adopted through the construction, allowing a space that embraces Hindmarsh’s beautiful natural environment.

    The building also embraces a temperate climate, with design principles that open the rooms to the outdoors – encouraging fresh air flow and cool water breezes.

    Continue to explore the beautiful outdoors with kayaks that FloatHOME provides for visitors to use. After taking a paddle through the water, cook up a feast with an on-site grill. Relax after a long day with a private and soothing hot tub also on site.

    A walk in nature near the houseboat is located between the marina and Lower Coorong. This is the perfect area to explore the natural surroundings of this sustainable tiny home.

    FloatHOME offers an array of exciting and impressive amenities including a stunning bay, canal waterfront and harbor views. A fully functional kitchen is built into the house and available for guests to prepare a feast.

    The stunning bathroom area offers a bathtub, hair dryer and stocked supplies such as shampoo, conditioner, body soap and shower gel.

    The bedroom and laundry area are stocked with necessities including towels, bed sheets, and new bedding.

    Enjoy a movie or two on the water with a fully installed TV and sound system. If you prefer reading before bed, books and reading materials will come in handy as well.

    FloatHOME is fully equipped with air conditioning, heating, smoke alarms and first aid equipment to ensure maximum safety.

    This on-water experience is a dream place for the ultimate vacation away. Whether you’re new to tiny home living or a giant fan, FloatHOME is a must!

    For more information and for reservations, head over here

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