The Pablo Picasso-Inspired Collection from Zara Home starts at just $15

    Zara Home Picasso Collection

    Zara Home

    Summer is basically here, and if you’re looking for out-of-the-box d├ęcor ideas next season, here’s your chance to take cues from the lonely Pablo Picasso. Zara Home recently released a new home collection created in collaboration with the Picasso Estate. The exciting launch features pieces designed to take you to the south of France, where the visionary spent many summers surrounded by his children with his two dogs and goats named Esmeralda. Clan vacation in the hills of Cannes at Villa La Californian.

    In the new collection, Zara highlights images from family time together – particularly Picasso and his daughter Maya, who have largely inspired household items. In addition to having such a hearty, dramatic storyline, the line starts at just about $15. You’ll find bold and elegant pillows, pots, pitchers, and more that elevate the aesthetic of warm weather in every way. Go ahead and shop before things run out!

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    Porcelain Picasso dessert plate

    If you’re eating ice cream or other desserts in the sun, do it in style with a dish that doesn’t break the bank.


    Picasso “Maya Au Bateau” Cushion Cover

    Transform your outdoor seating into a work of art with a cushion cover in a classic Picasso 1938 oil painting.


    Picasso throw pillow cover

    Remember, not everything has to match. Plus, this versatile style compliments more than you think.


    Picasso porcelain jug

    It’s all in the details, so put in the extra effort as a host and serve drinks (or just water) in an elegant pitcher.


    Picasso Section 2022 cotton handbag

    Once you’re ready to go to France on your own, pick up a carry-on and see where your adventure will take you.


    Picasso print linen tablecloth

    It’s time to invest in linen that requires little maintenance and is easy to clean.


    Picasso Printed Linen Table Runner

    Apply the same idea to the tablecloth and enjoy worry-free living during your next family cooking.

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