The Residence Club at Rancho la Puerta announces the design of a new residence 

The Residences Club in Rancho La Puerta today announced Club Casa – a stunning new home design now being offered in the world’s first luxury and condominium development, located in the original North American wellness and spa destination. One of three lodging options, Club Casa’s architecture and design combine eco-friendly local materials with exquisite Mexican craftsmanship. The house exudes inner and outer beauty, surrounded by nature and stunning mountain scenery and complementing existing Club Casita and Club Villa designs.

“What sets this new residence design apart is the indoor outdoor patio with a great water fountain,
“This expands the interior space and allows the house to be flooded with sunlight,” said Alfredo Carvajal, Grupo Espiritu consultant and developer of The Residences community in Rancho La Puerta. “The new design is the perfect gathering place for entertaining. These beautiful homes are ideally located in the comprehensive masterplan, providing close proximity to the impressive array of amenities available in the community and in Rancho La Puerta.”

“We are excited to introduce a new type of home to Club Casa with a new lifestyle option for those interested in it
“Becoming part of the Residence Club and the Residences community,” said Roberto Arjuna, CEO of Rancho La Puerta. “This home makes the outdoors the center of the living environment. Introducing more natural lighting, lush greenery, and water features throughout the house creates a truly sensory living experience in an authentic Mexican-style home.”

The new layout is a one-story, three-bedroom home with two master bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms in a 3,113-square-foot area. The Residences Club in Rancho La Puerta offers condominium home options ranging in price from $188,000 to $416,569.

Among the many stylish features that a new home offers are:
● Unique indoor outdoor patio with water fountain and plants
● Large living and dining area with fireplace
● Spa shower, bathtub and heated bathroom floors
● Exclusive outdoor terrace with water fountain, hammock, meditation space and private pool
● Heated and illuminated saltwater immersion pool with bench and jacuzzi
● An outdoor kitchen featuring a fire pit, barbecue facilities and glowing lighting

● Environmentally friendly and sustainable technology including insulated walls and ceilings, natural lighting, solar domes, double glazed windows, energy efficient air conditioning, air purification system, appliances along with optional photovoltaic and solar water heater, electric chargers and more
● 2 free bikes

The Residence Club in Rancho La Puerta was created by Grupo Espiritu, in partnership with Elite Alliance, the leading provider of accommodation club consultancy, luxury hospitality management, vacation rentals and luxury home exchanges. As the world’s first luxury condominium development, Residence Club is where wellness-inspired vacations, sustainability, community living and the sharing economy harmoniously converge. It gives homeowners the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of vacation home ownership and luxury resort services at a price that is suitable for personal use. Residence Club homes are elegantly furnished and owned by eight like-minded families. Club owners enjoy frequent and flexible use, a range of amenities, services, and Rancho La Puerta privileges including a Ranch Day Pass that allows residents to participate in daily Rancho La Puerta activities including morning hikes, art classes, fitness classes, lectures, workshops and more This is in addition to the comprehensive in-house wellness services of Rancho La Puerta. They can bring family and friends, host unaccompanied guests, or rent their lodgings. Residence Club owners can also explore over 120 other destinations as members of the prestigious Elite Alliance exchange programme.

For more information about Club Casa, The Residence Club in Rancho La Puerta and The Residences
Community, please visit, call 888.608.0059 or email [email protected].

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