The Tool Inspector is now available for all major DIY projects all summer long

    Toledo, Ohio – Tool Inspector reviews various power tools on their website. Some of the tools reviewed include circular saws, table planers, drill presses, power saws, panoramic saws, angle grinders, router tables, and reciprocating saws. The company highlights all parts of each tool and connects customers to the latest price. They not only review power tools, but also answer questions customers may have in regards to a particular tool. They may be related to power, weight, speed, warranties, warranties, reliability, and safety. This process is very important as it helps the potential customer to determine whether they have the right tool or not. They highlight what they liked and disliked in each tool for a tangible reason. They also give their final thoughts on the suitability of each tool.

    John, Power Tools Researcher, is a qualified electrician with over 20 years experience. He has worked as a carpenter, plumber’s assistant, semi-skilled plumber, construction site worker, and semi-skilled welder. He also spent 3 years operating a 100 ton mobile crane to handle every power tool one could think of. John said this about his experience with powered tools, “I have used pretty much every power tool you can think of. I know how to use tools properly and distinguish a high quality power tool from a poor one. In the process, I also gained knowledge about brands with High quality, power tool features that make work easier and those that have reliability issues.”

    Tool Inspector has two main sections that help customers while navigating their website. One of them is the Department of Energy Research which highlights the most researched power tool brands in each state. The US power tools market was valued at $7.8 billion in 2020. Some of the most searched tools from the search results include lawn and garden equipment, agricultural machinery, power tools, rotary tools, auto tools, and home accessories. The other section includes well-researched guides resulting from in-depth research on each tool along with practical experience with the tools. Whenever possible, they test power tools before the audit. They help customers choose the best power tool and those who are on a tight budget to find a tool that will continue to complete the work it was purchased for and won’t get damaged halfway due to quality issues.

    The company is run by Kelly and his partner John. Kelly runs the artistic side of the company, which started out of a passion for DIY projects and home decor. Most of the time, it can be found in the home doing DIY projects such as replacing a fence or building a shed. On the other hand, John does in-depth research on each tool, coming up with details on how to use them in DIY projects.

    Call the company if you have any questions about their various power tools at 419-650-5628 or visit their website for more information about their services. Tool Inspector is located at 1230 Division St, Toledo, Ohio, 43604, United States.

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