This is how much a 1934 Mercedes-Benz 500k costs today

    Mercedes Benz It is undoubtedly a prestigious automobile company with a rich history. With the Mercedes-Benz 500K debuting at the 1934 Paris Motor Show, it certainly adds to its long history. Dated as one of the elegant luxury cars of the 1930s, the Mercedes-Benz 500k rear-wheel drive.

    It was intricately built in at least 5 months and customized to the taste of each buyer.

    The Mercedes-Benz 500K Special Roadster was built on the W 29 series chassis. It was produced a year after the Mercedes-Benz 380. The 500K used self-suspension similar to the Mercedes 380, with a double-wishbone front axle, a double-knuckle swing axle at the rear, and different positions wheels, compression springs, and brakes So far, the Mercedes 500k has offered a larger, more energy-efficient engine with a luxurious chassis than its predecessor.

    It was distinguished from the Mercedes-Benz 500 by the “K” representing Konpressor, a German word meaning supercharger.

    The two-door convertible was assembled in Sindelfingen, Germany, and designed by Friedrich Geiger. The chassis design, which was typical of luxury sports cars in the past, was spacious and exceptional.

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    1934 Mercedes-Benz 500 K: A fast-moving sports car

    Powered by a five-liter, eight-cylinder engine, under its long hood, and using the compressor’s supercharging, it can switch from 74 kW/100 hp, releasing up to 118 kW/160 hp with just the right amount of accelerator pressure. The powertrain comes with an optional 4- or 5-speed manual transmission.

    Depressing the throttle completely engages the radical supercharger, and affects the five-liter eight-cylinder to produce up to 160 horsepower. This allows the car to reach a speed of more than 160 kilometers per hour with a fuel consumption of about 30 liters / 100 kilometers while it is in motion. This is an impressive speed for a car that weighs more than 2000 kg.

    Directly on the engine, vital technical specifications of the car are pressed on a badge: manufacturer (Daimler-Benz Aktiengesellschaft), manufacturer (Stuttgart-Untert├╝rkheim plant), vehicle weight (2350 kg), power rating (100 or 160 PS) and engine displacement (4984 cubic cementer).

    Hydraulic drum brakes have been installed to give the vehicle better handling and stopping power while driving.

    1934 Mercedes-Benz 500 K Luxury Interior Design

    The beautiful instrument panel is covered in durable leather materials, which is not even the main feature that catches the eye. The instrument frame on the dashboard is made of synthetic mother-of-pearl! This was a very cool innovation for a car made in the 1930s.

    The impeccable leather front seats have two folding and also called “mother-in-law” seats behind them, turning the 500k into a 2+2 seater. The rear seats were not designed for passengers and were more or less ideally suited for hand luggage at the most because the rear seats had no roof covering them, only the front seats could be protected by the side windows and the soft top.

    The Mercedes-Benz 500k Roadster weighs 2350 kg, is more than 5 meters long – comfortably spacious for its passengers.

    The unique design of the body of the Mercedes-Benz 500K

    This model is more luxurious and elegant than its predecessor, starting with the intricately designed headlights in filigree gold. On the headlights and taillights, Mercedes emblems are precisely designed while the projector lights on both sides of the windshield are chrome-plated. Fog lights are located behind the outside mirrors.

    Exaggerated, curved fenders have transformed its looks beyond a sports car, into a luxurious drive. The very low windshield that doesn’t really protect the car occupants from the airflow makes it look more elegant.

    Honestly, the ride in this car is amazing, with a great feeling of air blowing through its occupants, no other feeling comes close to this.

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    The cost of a Mercedes-Benz 500 Kelvin in 1934 today

    It was a dream car for very few people who could afford it. A luxury sports car is very rare, which also makes it very expensive. Each of the $500,000 sold for about $10,000 when it was first launched, which equates to $214, $555 today, the kind of money that would buy a luxury home in Grunwald, Berlin.

    One cannot say an exact amount of money 500k can be sold at auction because it is very unstable. It was auctioned in 2016 at Bonhams’ Chantilly sale for $5,585,711. In 2021, 500,000 were auctioned for $1,600,000.

    It was an expensive car that only the very rich could buy, and of course it was built for them. Combined with its high-speed characteristics, powerful engine, luxurious interior, and elegant exterior, it is worth every dime sold at auction and more.