Transform your home into a modern residence with the color ‘Asian Paints of the Year’

    If you are looking to give your home a modern look, what is the best way to upgrade your home by updating and making it more beautiful with the 2022 home décor trends?

    Each year, the Indian paint giant – Asian Paints and the forecast team ColourNext – the only initiative of its kind in the country anticipate design and decoration trends and unveil the “color of the year” that is likely to dominate the design and decoration industry in the coming year. The initiative aims to help you renovate your space and update your home with the most contemporary styles and looks.

    Asian Paints – the trusted voice in the decorating community

    Since its founding in 1942, Asian Paints has come a long way to become the leading company in our country and the third largest paint company in Asia. Asian paints It is the trusted voice in the decor and design community and continues to bring forth well-thought-out and thoughtfully designed color and design trends that are luxurious and timeless.

    ColourNext Trend Forecasts by Asian Paints features exceptional insights from creative minds and iconic personalities across architecture, interior design, art, fashion and more who have put together their unique inputs in a research-based format featuring the colors, materials and finishes of the most promising 2022 trends.

    With so much information, we’re sure you can’t wait to see how these predictions can bring greatness to your home and surroundings, every single day. So, check out the file The latest color trends that will make your home go from “boring plain” to “artistically impressive”.

    A Peek at Asian Paints Color of 2022

    “transcendent pink” It is the most anticipated color of the year as announced by Asian Paints in its ColourNext 2022 forecast.

    Color indicates a mature transitional trait, similar to our ever-increasing awareness, giving A spiritual touch to your home. The thoughtful combination of Blue and red undertones offer a contemporary offbeat purple color palette that softly encourages the power of embracing change and sets the future in a new light. It represents a mind capable of synthesizing new knowledge and ancient wisdom and harnessing both.

    Color encourages us to believe and grow up And start over for new beginnings. The color palette brings a sense of calm, relaxation and comfort. It brings a positive and peaceful environment that makes your home more attractive and attractive.

    Translate “transcendental pink” in your space

    If you are looking to change up your home décor, ultra pink might be a unique shade that is known to create a statement in any corner of your home. It provides delicacy, and this helps make it very attractive.

    Translate this modern color into your interiors by using vibrant color palettes, textures and wallpaper to redefine your home with a new layer of chic and elegant charm. Transcendent Pink goes very well with natural tones and textures in materials such as wood or stone.

    You might go for light-colored architecture and decor. A light shade like Clematis Pink acts as a soothing backdrop for opaque spaces in abundance. Use the motifs and symbols in the background to evoke emotions and add intrigue. You can also add soft surfaces, curved shapes, and textured pieces to make the entire space cozy.

    Alternatively, you can also add touches in the tone of Transcendent Pink such as wall art, pillows, rug, vases, floor lamp, sofa set, chairs, etc. and blend them harmoniously with your decor. For example, you can put pink flowers in a vase and place them directly on the central table. If you are looking for a contemporary interior design, you can consider adding a huge lotus floating in a bowl and placing it in a suitable place to attract positive energy.

    Lotus and Stilts wallpaper from Asian Paints can also be a great choice. the background It celebrates and embraces the transition, in a positive direction. Just like birds adapting to the changing seasons and a resilient lotus blooming in the most unlikely places, this wallpaper is in keeping with the larger mood of 2022. Using simple matchbox-style art, the landscapes of Nal Sarovar Lake and migratory birds are translated. In wonderful patterns for wallpaper. When you bring home Lotus and Stilts from the Nilaya Nal Sarovar collection, you bring home the soft healing power of nature.

    There are so many amazing ways you can incorporate Transcendent Pink into your home décor. Just keep experimenting to amplify your home décor with the color of the year from Asian Paints Company, your guests will surely love it!

    This article was written by Studio18 on behalf of Asian Paints.

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