Vanbros and the changing face of luxury Indian homes

    New Delhi [India], June 2 (ANI/NewsVoir): The new Indian era has a penchant for all kinds of luxury properties ranging from luxury condominiums to luxury condominiums to villas. Today’s Indians are highly skilled with massive global exposure and a burning desire for upscale living conditions. They want luxury homes, spacious open spaces with a serene environment. Events in the recent past have amplified the need and desire for larger homes, with private lawns and large spaces, private rooms for working and studying from home, and leisure and lifestyle requirements such as the gym and swimming pool. According to Sotheby’s International Realty India, India has seen annual growth of more than 30 per cent sequentially over the past two years – 2020 and 2021 and expects to see higher numbers this year.

    Vanbros India needs little introduction when it comes to luxury and bespoke construction. It has a long-standing legacy, having originated in 1952 and is now the parent company of Vanbros Construction and Vanbros Home. They design, build and furnish exceptional private and commercial spaces. Their professional prowess is a mixture of aspirations, desires, originality and imagination. For nearly 70 years now, Vanbros has refined the definition of luxury and elegance in construction. Vanbros is proud to recreate luxury, designed with the collaborative expertise of leading architects and interior designers from around the world. Superior in all aspects, Vanbros has taken all of their energy and thought to create exceptional work for clients. While creating their exquisite projects, Vanbros has always strived for perfection to enhance grandeur and distinction without compromising on comfort and ease of use. The subtle details, the play of spaces, the layout of the stately greens and columns are all the result of elaborate deliberations mixed with decades of experience and a pure passion for design and construction. From real estate to contemporary homes to noteworthy projects, they use their creative energy and design sensibility to customize results to individual requirements. They use premium finishes and the latest hardware to create interiors that embody the confluence of European and Indian traditions of designs. There is a fusion of modern perspective and eclectic visions of classic renditions within this fascinating collection.

    They have exceptional mastery of sculptural art and an abundance of design ideas to implement. Their teams of skilled workers make use of traditional carving and carpentry techniques with the help of world-class furniture production techniques and woodworking machinery to produce hair from wood. In their woodwork they use exotic wood veneer and solid wood to create the perfect and durable personalized furniture. Vanbros has a noteworthy reputation when it comes to windows and doors, too. They offer lift, honed, tilt and roll sustainable wood windows that use premium imported hardwoods, best-in-class European hardware and superior finishes that provide exceptional elegance, thus also providing unparalleled functionality and ease of use. Having established a strong presence in the world of bespoke construction and interiors, Vanbros is now conquering the Punjab market. Punjab is a region with rich tastes and great life expressed in all aspects. This market is suitable for a brand of this stature where there is a level playing field in ideologies and viewpoints. Vanbros is optimistic about entering this rich region which bodes well for all times to come.

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