Which celebrity got kicked out tonight, challenge by challenge

    The celebrity was eventually dumped by CEO Lord Alan Sugar and his advisors Janine Ellis and Nick Bell at Celebrity Apprentice Australia in 2022.

    They take on challenging work-related tasks in an effort to raise money for the charities of their choice.

    Each week the losing team ends up in the boardroom, where Lord Sugar has the ultimate say in who stays and who gets fired.

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    This often leads to fiery confrontations as the stars of the show make their case in an effort to stay competitive.

    Celebrity Apprentice Australia 2022 All-Celebrity Boardroom
    A celebrity will be kicked out of the boardroom after every challenge. (nine)

    But in the end – except in exceptional circumstances – a celebrity will be fired by Lord Sugar.

    Find out who has been kicked out so far below:

    Episode 2: Eloni Vunakece

    The second challenge required the teams to run a food delivery service, but this time the goal wasn’t to collect cash. This time the teams were judged exclusively based on customer satisfaction.

    The girls got into the business, formed a coherent plan, took a lot of orders and had a fairly successful delivery strategy. On the boys’ team, they struggled across the board.

    Project manager Jarrod Scott has been criticized for closing the kitchen early and being disorganized, and Vince Colosimo turning off the heat because he told customers to “call back tomorrow” even though there was no delivery available the next day.

    But when it came to Eloni Vunakece, Janine called him “for not adding value” to the team.

    “He’s an actor. He’s not a leader,” his adviser Nick Bell added.

    In the end, he did very little.

    Lord Sugar said to him, “I don’t know what you have done in this mission.”

    “I don’t think you are prepared for this operation to be honest, so dismiss me, unfortunately you are fired!”

    Episode 1: Beck Zemik

    In the first challenge, the celebrities were split into two teams: the women on Team Innovate, and the men on Team Collaborate. They are then tasked with holding a charity golf event and the team that has raised the most money for their charity will be announced as the winners.

    While the men got off to a quick start securing donations, the women worked to solidify their concept.

    During this, Beck Zemek clashed with project manager Turia Pitt, suggesting that the team abandon their plan and start over.

    Beck said, “I would throw off the idea of ​​different things happening. I’d stick with something ‘awesome’ and ‘awesome.'”

    Not only did her suggestion fall on deaf ears, but it also upset the rest of her teammates.

    “I find it annoying. We don’t need to,” Turia told the camera.

    Despite securing more than $200,000 in donations, the women lost out, which meant that Turia and two members of her team had to take on Lord Sugar.

    Rookie Celebrities Australia 2022 Pec Zemeck
    After he was fired, Beck was forced to leave immediately. (nine)

    She chose to return Beck and Gamble Breaux to the conference room, putting them in the firing line.

    “I thought Beck was manipulative and tolerant and indulgent,” said Turia.

    In the end, Lord Alan Sugar saved Turia and Gamble and shot Beck.

    “Beck, I don’t think you’re a very good team player. So, Beck, you’re fired!” announced.

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