Why did Kate Middleton’s parents give up a £1.5 million home when it became property

    Rachel Avery

    Kate Middleton I got married Prince William In 2011, just a year later, the Duchess’ parents decided to leave the family home where they had stayed since Kate was 13 years old.

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    The royal family spent their teenage years in a £1.5 million estate called Oak Acre in the village of Buckleybury, but her parents Carol Michael Middleton decided to upgrade to 4.7 million pounds Buckleybury Manor After they considered it not special enough.

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    The property’s location has public access points that allow passersby to see, and given their daughter’s new royal status, they don’t want to take any risks.

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    Located in Berkshire, which ranked higher than Windsor on our list of ‘Best Places to Live in England’ recently, the red-brick exterior, Georgian windows and pointed ceilings of their former home ensure that it is in keeping with the area’s aesthetic.

    Pictures show that it has manicured lawns, submerged flowerbeds, and an abundance of trees. It is also located on an acre and a half of beautiful land.

    All of Carol and Michael’s children attended Marlborough College, which is a 40-minute drive from the area.

    Kate Middleton's parents home

    Kate was thirteen years old when her parents moved to Oak Acre in the village of Bucklebury

    Members of the Middleton family are still very settled in the village, and Prince William and Kate Middleton invited the local bar owner to their wedding in 2011.

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    Bucklebury Village

    Kate’s parents still live in Bucklebury

    Carol and Michael’s current home is a Grade II listed seven-bedroom Georgian mansion that is much more secluded. Kate’s brother James stayed there for a while during the pandemic, giving fans a glimpse inside her beautiful grounds.

    Kate Middleton Prince William Buckleybri

    Prince George spent the first few months of his life at Buckleybury

    It is also believed that Prince George He spent the first few months of his life in this idyllic country house when Kate was a new mother.

    The Duchess now lives in Apartment 1A Kensington PalaceWith her husband Prince William and their children Prince George, Princess Charlotte And Prince Louis. In addition to their residence in central London, the family enjoys a country retreat in Norfolk called Anmer Hall. Given the Duchess’ upbringing in the countryside, we can’t help but imagine that she was enjoying so much the Pacific Ocean for their second home.

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