10 Celebrities We Want To See In Season Two Of “Young People, Celebrities And Africans”

After March 18y for the first time Young people, celebrities, Africans The continent and the rest of the world were on the edge of their seats. It was made for premium entertainment, thanks to Zari’s control, Khani’s HR mindset, Annie’s vulnerability, and the rest of the cast, each bringing a dose of realistic gold to the table. As short and cute the show was, we couldn’t help but wonder who was going to keep us glued to our screens. Across the continent, there are far too many popular characters who would have made everyone talk just as much. Here are ten of them:

10 – Mini Dlamini (South Africa)

Known as one of the original South African IT girls, Mini Dlamini is a breath of fresh air. In her country, the world sees that the sexy and the intelligent are not mutually exclusive. She walks as if she is talking, which is as easy on the eye as one can get. Minnie has an equally smart squad who loves to be with them, each of whom brings life to the party. This group of highly talented women who are not shy about the camera will add an African girl charm to the show. And when we’re in a really good mood, we’ll probably get bikini dances that will go viral.

9 – Vera Sedica (Kenya)

Kenyan businesswoman Vera Sedica would be a perfect addition to the show for obvious reasons. Maybe we’ll pick her brain, take a look at her lavish family life, and watch her daughter grow. And just when we think we’re done, we’re treated to another surprise, Vera Sedica style. It’s not cheap and it’s not afraid to tell the whole world. Many will agree just to get a good view of her daughter’s lifestyle, which is the ultimate treat for the princess.

8 – Leyla Lopez (Angola)

Miss Leila Lopez first turned heads when she won the title of Miss Angola in 2010. In 2011, she made history as the first woman of color to win the Miss Universe title. She is now based in the United Kingdom and continues to bless her thousands of followers with everything related to Laila. She brings to the show a much-needed family dynamic, and helps have a bundle of joy on the way.

7 – Delish Matthews (Namibia)

She calls herself the princess of reality. she is. Delish Matthews made headlines when she won the eighth season of Big Brother Africa, scooped the coveted $300,000 prize. Then Matthews, a psychology student, turned into a businesswoman and actress. There is no better indication that she is fit Young people, celebrities, AfricansOther than the fact that she’s a reality star that she thinks she is.

6 – Hedah Monroe (Kenya)

Kenyan entrepreneur Hoda Munro is familiar with the African entertainment scene. She represented the country during the eighth season of Big Brother Africa, where she had a short-lived residence. It has continued to build a great beauty brand, designed for the free-spirited African woman. The former model turned businesswoman is known for expressing her opinions online. employment Young people, celebrities, AfricansIt will bring the truth that most celebrities tend to shy away from. This killer, indomie egg recipe is your go-to when you need a quick meal.

5 – Jackie Appiah (Ghana)

Ghanaian-Canadian actress Jackie Appiah, who over the years has received numerous award nominations and won for her work on both the big and small screens, is a fan favorite. its latest version, on her shoulder Starring Actor Anthony Monjaro, it has her fans gawking at her acting prowess. She goes by the name “Queen Jackie”, and brings all her family members to the screen, if not for her show business experience, it’s because of the lavish lifestyle it affords her.

4 – Davido (Nigeria)

In 2021, singer Davido made headlines when he asked his celebrity friends to send 1 million naira (about $2,500) to his account. He said this was a birthday present for all the years he had given the music industry through the free collaboration. By the end of his bid, Davido, real name David Adeleke, had raised an estimated $480,000, proving that he was indeed an industry asset. Even more surprising, he donated what he got because he didn’t need it. Besides a bucket of money (the word is, when it comes to spending, Davido is not a very mediocre person), it only brings freedom to existence. He’s not a famous “orchestrator”, and his fans love him for that.

3 – Bunang Matheba (South Africa)

South African media, Bonang Matheba, is the queen of reality in South Africa. Bonang has been around long enough to intrigue viewers with her love of the finer things in life, the itinerant lifestyle, sense of style, and enough language to ignite tongues. ‘Moghel’ is the link between the world and Tswana’s coarseness that seems to show itself most when her cousin, Tebogo ‘Pinky Girl’ Mekgwe, became famous for her appearance on Being PunangAbout.

2 – Brizo (Kenya)

Known for his flashy lifestyle, Jackson McKinney goes by the stage name CMB Prezzo, and is no stranger to the African entertainment scene. The controversial rapper represented the country on the seventh season of Big Brother Africa, and ended up in second place after losing to Keegan of South Africa. Just like Diamond Platnumz, who made it known as a player Young people, celebrities, AfricansPrezzo brings his magic with the ladies to the table.

1 – Toki Makinwa (Nigeria)

all my viewers Famous and African youth Those familiar with Nigerian media personality Tok Makinwa asked themselves the same question when the cast was announced: Where is Tok Makinwa? So it is no coincidence that she took first place. Tok, “Baby Girl for Life” is as hard-working as it is funny. A quick trip to her YouTube channel, Toke moments Enough to convince anyone that Toke brings fun in celebrities. Toke has the energy, sass, and just the right amount of ghetto needed to bring a little drama into the mix. To top it all off, a room with Toke Makinwa and Bonang Matheba is enough fact to keep the show running for at least ten seasons.