Bensalem Georgian manor house for sale with river view

    This stately mansion, which is actually three residences in one, stands out from the cottage development for which it laid its foundation.

    House for sale Bensalem Georgian manor exterior

    This Georgian mansion at 100 Tidewater Dr. , Bensalem, PA 19020, modeled on stately 18th- and 19th-century Savannah homes. However it is full of 21st century stuff and has two apartments attached to it. | Photos: Thatto Dadson via *Bright MLS and BHHS Fox & Roach Realtors

    This elegant and elegant 18th century home would look right at home on the main line, or amid the new money mansions of the turn-of-the-century town of Cheltenham.

    However: this is not an 18th century house. It just looks like one. This Georgian Bensalem manor house for sale is located in a subdivision of standard townhouses by the Delaware River.

    This rural community exists in part because Fred Hagen, the builder who built this home for himself in 2015, sold the company that built it the plot of land he needed to make the plot complete.

    “Mignatti [Mignatti Companies, the original developer of the Waterside subdivision in Bensalem] They already bought two neighboring industrial properties, and they needed my property because [their site] Hagen explains. I didn’t originally want to sell it to them. But after a lot of back and forth, we came to an agreement. I would like to put most of my property into development, but I will reserve the right to develop it.”

    House for sale in Bensalem Georgian Palace Aerial view by the water

    Aerial view of the water side by Lennar; Hagen’s Hagen Drive home ends, at the top center of the image. The stone house is located directly below it to the right of it. The L-shaped jetty at the bottom left belongs to the Philadelphia Yacht Club

    His plot of land consisted of 6.2 acres that was part of a much larger farm. That farm was carved up into industrial sites in the 1920s and 1930s. The original stone farm was still standing on the site; He turned it into his office. It also contained a barn converted into two apartments. “But from the outside, it was just inappropriate,” he says. “So I decided to design something” to replace the barn. “I had just visited Savannah, Georgia, and that was on my mind.

    “I drew a blueprint for a riverside house in Savannah, then got an architect to take my design and put it into the building drawings.”

    Had Waterside been built as originally planned, this home might not have remained as prominent as it does now. “The original concept we were discussing was somewhat more upscale than what was built, because what was built was scaled back due to budget constraints,” Hagen says. (Even with these limitations, it appears the project was still too much for Mignatti; after its first phase was completed, the company was acquired by national homebuilder Lennar and is now building phase two.)

    “I didn’t have the budget constraints of my house, because I didn’t see it as something I was selling. So I just drifted off and went overboard.”

    Well, if the Georgian Bensalem manor house for sale is an example of what happens when Hagen goes overboard, I must say it shows impressive restraint in overtaking.

    House for sale in Bensalem Georgian manor living room

    Living room

    Its design is largely in keeping with Georgian traditions, and, unlike what you might find in a similar house in Gladwin, it is neither baroque nor does it offer Rococo Cola decoration. And you can tell that Hagen didn’t skimp on build quality.

    dinner room

    dinner room

    The main floor is essentially an open plan space, with large arched openings separating the foyer from the living room on one side and the dining room on the other.

    House for sale in Bensalem, Georgian manor kitchen


    But the main floor is not completely open plan, the kitchen is separate from the dining room. However, its high ceiling means that it has plenty of space for storage cabinets. It also has a full range of appliances, including a wine fridge, freezer, and dishwasher whose faces match the cupboards.

    basic bedroom

    master bedroom *

    All bedrooms on the second floor are tastefully appointed and appointed, and both the en-suite basic bathroom and the hall bathroom have luxurious fittings.

    basic bathroom

    basic bathroom

    Backsplash tiles in a basic bathroom are particularly striking.

    surface surface

    surface surface

    Everything is topped off by a rooftop deck with a panoramic view of the surroundings and a half bath in his experimental home. The surface itself can be used as is but looks like it wants some actual decorating.

    Media in the basement / lying room

    Media in the basement / lying room

    Downstairs media room

    Custom bookshelves in the basement media room

    Downstairs there is a very comfortable media room/relaxation room with a full bathroom.

    Guest / suite suite and garage in law

    Guest suite/apartment suite in law and garage

    Another thing that comes with this house: two guest/husband apartments in a suite attached to the back of it.

    Guest suite main living area

    Guest suite main living area

    A single, one-bedroom, one-bathroom unit is adjacent to a two-car garage on the first floor, making it an ideal guest suite.

    Dinner Apartment/Kitchen In Law

    Dining room and kitchen in an apartment in law *

    The second two-storey unit on the upper floors has an open main floor and three bedrooms, two with en-suite bathrooms. Two on the second floor and one on the third.

    Its location at the junction of the Tidewater and Hagen engines gives it a clear view of the river. The Waterside project is also located near the Cornwells Heights Regional Rail Station.

    Most businesses lining State Road, which leads to what is now Waterside by Lennar, perform light industrial jobs, but there is a café and restaurant at the entrance to the community, and the Broken Goblet Brewing Company is a short drive away. The Pennsylvania Yacht Club is right next door to this community.

    Given its quality, its amenities, and the fact that you’ll be buying three residences in one, this most expensive single house for sale in Bensalem – this Georgian manor house in Bensalem is the only $1 million listing in town – maybe really a great deal.

    good print

    (numbers for all three units combined)

    bed: 7

    bathrooms: 7 full, 2 half

    cubic feet: 7560

    selling price: $1,350,000

    100 Tidewater Dr., Bensalem, PA 19020 [Linda Crane | BHHS Fox & Roach Realtors]