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    Which Marvel mural art is the best?

    If you’re looking to add some heroism to your home d├ęcor, try this all things Marvel mural. Whether you prefer Iron Man, Captain America, or another character from the Marvel universe, there are plenty of fun options to choose from. You can find everything from stickers to laser cut wood. Taking into account your available space and other factors will help you choose the perfect wall panel for your home. The best choice of many is LP ART Canvas Print Wall Art Watercolor Super Heroes Collage which includes images of the most famous Avengers.

    What you need to know before buying a Marvel wall plate


    Marvel wall art can make a great addition to your home decor. Superhero-loving kids will surely appreciate adding a poster or painting of their favorite Marvel character to their bedroom. Marvel wall art also works great in movie theaters, home offices, or game rooms. Try hanging paintings above beds or sofas, along wall cavities and above tables you’ve set against walls.


    It is best to determine the size of the artboard you need before you start your search. Many art pieces come with a variety of sizing options, and knowing your needs beforehand will prevent shopping from being interrupted by the need to get up and measure your walls. You can use a tape measure to easily determine the correct dimensions. If you’re having trouble deciding what size your art will look like best, try cutting a piece of cardboard to the measurements of the piece and pin it to the wall to see how those dimensions will look in your space.

    wall art weight

    The fact of hanging murals is that you will usually have to make a few holes in your wall. This can be a problem if you like to change your decor often or if you have restrictions on what you can do on a rental property. Heavier hanging art pieces often require large equipment. This could mean having up to four holes in the wall for one piece of art. If you want to avoid this, try lighter pieces like posters, and choose a plastic frame instead of metal.

    What to look for in quality wall art


    Stickers are the most cost effective way to add decor to your walls, and Marvel stickers abound. Find everything from official movie posters to recreations of the cover of your favorite comic book edition. Whatever movie, character or comic you prefer, there is sure to be a poster for it.


    If you want something closer to traditional wall art, there are plenty of canvas print options. While these may be a little more expensive, a canvas print looks more like a permanent addition to your wall decor than a poster. Canvas prints can also be a great option if you want something more artistic, like a watercolor or an abstract display of Marvel heroes.

    Wooden and metal art pieces

    To stay away from prints, look for pieces made of wood or metal. Artists often use laser cutting to craft images from this material. The images are often silhouettes of characters, logos, or locations.

    How much can you expect to spend on Marvel Wall Art

    For cheaper items, like stickers, expect to spend $7-20. For high-quality items, such as canvas prints, expect to spend between $35 to $90.

    Marvel Wall Art Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the best type of mural for rent?

    a. The lighter the art, the better. Anything that command strips can hold works best. This way, you don’t have to worry about leaving any holes in the wall that you’ll have to fix later.

    What if you are better villains than superheroes?

    a. If it’s the Marvel villains that have captured your heart, you can find all your favorites in different pieces of art on the wall. Loki is particularly prominent in posters and artist shows.

    What’s the best Marvel mural you can buy?

    top marvel wall art

    LP ART Watercolor Super Heroes Collage Wall Art Canvas Print

    LP ART Watercolor Super Heroes Collage Wall Art Canvas Print

    What you need to know: This Avengers watercolor print is perfect for anyone who wants to celebrate their favorite movie franchise but wants something more decorative than a poster.

    What you will like: This painting shows the Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Black Widow, and Hawkeye in watercolor. The characters are mostly shown in silhouette as they gather on what could be a battlefield.

    What you should consider: There have been rare reports of plates being stretched out beyond their capacity.

    Where do I buy: Sold by Amazon

    Top Marvel wall art for money

    Trends International Marvel Comics Lineup Wall Sticker

    Trends International Marvel Comics Lineup Wall Sticker

    What you need to know: This decal is great for anyone who can’t choose one character as a favourite.

    What you will like: This officially licensed poster features all the major characters from the comics. You can hang it directly on the wall for a classic poster look or frame it for a high-end decor element. Poster measures 22″ x 34″ and is printed on high quality FSC certified paper.

    What you should consider: There have been some reports of damaged stickers arriving.

    Where do I buy: Sold by Amazon

    worth checking out

    WoodyWallDecor Avengers Wood Wall Art Set of 6

    WoodyWallDecor Avengers Wood Wall Art Set of 6

    What you need to know: This set of wall art is perfect for a nursery, home office, game room or home theater.

    What you will like: You’ll love the gallery wall you can create with this set of six wood carved banners. Choose from 10 different colors, including pink, green, blue, red and wood species, and from square or circular shapes. Chipboard is light and durable, making it easy to hang.

    What you should consider: This set will take up more wall space than other options.

    Where do I buy: Sold by Etsy

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