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    Wall Mounted Headboard Buying Guide

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    Why buy a wall-mounted headboard?

    Wall-mounted headboards, also known as floating headboards, can be hung anywhere because they are not attached to your bed frame. You can install a headboard behind your bed, above the sofa, or behind your desk for added compositional interest. You can go for the classic style by pinning it behind your bed for extra support and cushion. Or you can get creative by installing it in your living room, office or dining room for a modern design element. You can also update your living space with floating bookshelves or add a natural touch with lush houseplants.

    What should you look for in a wall-mounted headboard?

    • style: Wall-mounted headboards come in a variety of styles, from sleek and simple headboards to shabby chic headboards for a more bohemian feel to ornate and elegant headboards. Choosing the best style for your living space depends on your taste.
    • Matter: Choosing a headboard made of skin-friendly materials is a must if you are going to place it behind your bed frame. Most wall-mounted headboards are made from natural materials such as wood, but some are made of premium leather or more affordable materials that are soft to the touch, such as polyester. These materials are great options for adding textural interest to any room.
    • Dimensions: Choose a headboard that fits the dimensions of your room. In general, you will want to measure your bed and wall before purchasing a headboard for a custom fit. If you’re choosing to display a wall-mounted headboard above your TV, desk, or sofa, it’s also essential to measure those items for an organized look. If you live in a smaller house or apartment, you may want to choose a smaller headboard and avoid large pieces that may overwhelm the space.

    How do you install the headboard?

    The wall-mounted headboards are easy to put into place. When installing a floating headboard, it must be ensured that it is level before placing it. After you are satisfied with the placement, you need to attach the headboard to the wall with a drill and screws to secure the installation. This usually requires at least two people, so having a friend help you mount the headboard to the wall is recommended.

    Our picks for the best wall-mounted headboards

    First choice

    Positives: This dark gray headboard comes complete with faux leather straps for a vintage-inspired look. It’s optimized to fit twin, queen and king beds and is available in seven classic colors. It’s adjustable for a custom fit and features two soft panels you can count on for comfort and support. It is lightweight and takes about 30 minutes to assemble. It’s made from a skin-friendly polyester fabric, and you can choose to hang it with or without the included rail for a more minimalist look.

    Negatives: Assembling this headboard can be tricky. It may also have a chemical smell when taken out of its box.

    minimum: This affordable headboard is modern while retaining its vintage-inspired charm. It’s soft, lightweight and a simple statement piece that complements any room.

    Choice greater than life

    Positives: This large headboard is sleek, modern and makes a great piece. It’s available in 30 or 39 inch sizes and comes in about 30 timeless colors. Each purchase includes four 11.5″ x 39″ panels for a total height of 46″ and all hardware required for assembly. It is designed to fit twin, queen and king beds but can also be mounted to any wall. All screws included are unfastened so as not to damage the wall. The panels are also soundproof and optimized to reduce noise, so this headboard is great for bedrooms, studios or offices.

    Negatives: Assembling this headboard can be tricky. You may also need more than one box to fit the proportions of a king bed.

    minimum: This soundproof headboard is large, so it will instantly elevate your home décor with its modern aesthetic, yet simple enough not to clash with your other furniture.

    The best floating choice

    Positives: This simple headboard is perfect for those who love timeless simplicity. It can accommodate a queen or king size bed and is available in black and brown. It is finished in a brushed black finish that is both elegant and durable. It can also be installed at any height using innovative suspension rail technology. It has convenient built-in side tables that are optimized to hold phone or laptop charger cords and other items securely. It is also made of laminated composite timber for structure and durability.

    Negatives: This headboard is made of lightweight polished wood, so it’s not as durable as chipboard.

    minimum: The adjustable headboard combines stylish durability with functionality. It can be installed at any height and has built-in side tables.

    best farm design

    Positives: This floating headboard will perfectly fit your style if you love a bohemian, shabby vibe. It comes in sizes to fit any bed, including twin, full, queen, king, and Californian sizes. It comes in 15 beautiful colors and is built in a mixture of brushed wood, stained and airy. It’s also made with individual panels that are easy to hang like a picture frame. It’s made of strong real solid wood and sealed with polyurethane for extra water resistance.

    Negatives: Each palette is brush-painted and unique so colors may vary. The staining process may also produce a chemical odor that must be emitted prior to installation.

    minimum: This floating farmhouse headboard is made of real, thick wood that is treated for style and durability.

    The most unique option

    Positives: This elegant and ornate headboard works as a stunning piece of art. It measures 60 x 60 x 0.7 inches, and consists of Three panels of 20 inches each Perfect for installing a queen bed. It is made of reclaimed teak wood with a beautiful earth tone. It also features a 3D pattern of lotus blossoms and vines that have been carved by artisans from the hill tribe in northern Thailand, so it is stunning and unique.

    Negatives: Installing this headboard can be a little tricky. It may also have an odor from wood staining.

    minimum: This gorgeous headboard makes a stunning statement piece. You can choose to hang it behind your bed as a traditional headboard or hang it in any room as a stand-alone piece of art.

    last thoughts

    Wall-mounted or floating headboards are a modern alternative to traditional headboards attached to your bed frame. Floating headboards are so versatile and convenient that they can be used as a traditional headboard or hung in any room as an accent piece of art.