Celebrity Jeopardy Spinoff to Premiere on ABC

    Long show lovers Danger! The ride has been pretty cool in recent years, but now we’re getting a whole new show to challenge the minds of… celebs? The new series, titled Celebrity Danger! It will be broadcast on Sunday with the previous announcement Celebrity Wheel of Fortune on ABC.

    What’s interesting about the announcement (which came with the rest of the ABC schedule for Fall 2022-2023) is that it said “a host will be announced at a later time.” Craig IrwichABC’s head of entertainment, says that exclusion Mayim BialikThe name is not that important a deal. In fact, Irwich said he “wouldn’t read anything in” Bialik’s exclusion. Back when it was announced Mike Richards (who was quickly ousted) was hosting, the news was that Bialik would be hosting Danger! Specials. So in theory, that’s what I originally signed up for.

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    Currently, Bialik is sharing hosting duties with Ken Jennings. The show is still trying to find a full-time replacement for the former host Alex Trebek After his death in November of 2020. Jennings and Bialik have discontinued their duties but it appears we do not have a specific host at the moment. Celebrity Danger!.

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    The president of ABC told Variety in an interview before releasing the information about Celebrity JeopardyI There is a lack of information about who will host the show. “And we are not ready yet, but we will be soon. I will not read anything in it.” When pressed for further clarification on whether Bialik would host or not, by asking if they should not infer that noTrue, said Erosh. So take it as you like. This may mean that Bialik’s original plan to host danger The specials are still in place or it may mean that they are looking for another option.

    What’s exciting about this show is that it will test the knowledge of celebrities and that’s often a great move for the series. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen it Celebrity Danger! And it probably won’t be the last, but at least we know it’s always a fun time for the public and for good reason (the winnings usually go to a celebrity-chosen charity).

    Who will be in this round of Celebrity Danger! Who will host the series? We have to wait and see. Until then, know that Celebrity Danger! Heading to ABC on Sunday nights this fall.

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