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    You just moved to college and are now looking for college apartment bedroom ideas? Want to liven up the space for the next few years? Then keep reading!

    Many people do not get housing when they move to a new place. In particular, students especially suffer the most when they move from one place to another to study.

    College students generally have to stay in college hostels or apartments when contacting colleges. When students move into their university apartments, they usually go to great lengths to make sure their apartment is clean and well-maintained.

    Usually the apartment is not huge and consists of only one room which is the bedroom which has its attached bathroom side by side. This article will focus on ideas that you can use to decorate your college dorm room.

    The idea of ​​a college apartment bedroom is for university apartments with a small area. However, there is a lot that can be done in this university apartment. You can add wallpaper, paint your room, add decorations and many other things to your college apartment bedroom.

    This article will focus on college apartment decor, cool room decorations, and apartment decor ideas on a budget.

    Interesting college apartment bedroom ideas

    College apartments bedrooms have small spaces. Hence, decorating college bedroom apartments is challenging. However, we have sorted you out in the best possible way.

    Here are some college apartment bedroom ideas to inspire you to decorate your college apartment bedroom.

    Pop of color

    Pop of color

    The room provided by your college will ideally have blank and plain walls. Plain walls will make your room look dull. Ideally, one of the first steps to college apartment bedroom ideas is to add color to your room.

    If you want your room to look bright, you can choose pastel and neutral colors like pink, sky blue, teal and gray. However, if you have direct sunlight in your room, you can also use funky color combinations like orange, purple, blue and black or pink and purple. Adding color will add life to your room.


    When you go through different ideas for college apartment bedrooms, you must have noticed that most of these ideas state the use of green spaces. This is because green spaces in general enhance the positive energy in your room.

    Additionally, adding green succulents will add a touch of freshness to your room as well. You can also put money plants and other types of succulents. Moreover, placing the succulent on the study table will also enhance the view of your room and make it look more creative.

    Hairstyle table

    One college apartment bedroom idea is to put a dressing table next to your bed. Since your bedroom space is small, you can set up a dressing table as a side table. Using a dresser table as a side table will save space and be a convenient option for handling things on the go.

    Moreover, you can also decorate the dressing table with various things. This includes soft mats, succulent plants, lamps, and an alarm clock.

    Keeping your things on the bed

    One of the most popular college apartment bedroom ideas is to cover your bed with white sheets and place your colorful things on top of your bed. This makes a great combination and gives your room the look of a five star hotel.

    In addition, if you have a table with a chair or a reading table, you can also put a fluffy rug on it to give it an elegant look. The chair can also have a multicolored or bright cushion on top to provide a bright contrast look.

    wall gallery

    Arts and crafts is always a good idea in your bedroom. Nowadays, there is a new trend to put art and crafts and frames above the bed. You can also choose frames with inspirational quotes or mosaic art as it looks attractive.

    Plus, there’s a new trend to put incandescent lights above your bed. This glowing light can have your name, hashtag, or anything associated with it.

    adding texture

    Texture always adds elegance to your bedroom. Moreover, it is one of the most primitive types of college apartment bedroom ideas.

    Like some of the trends that have been followed consistently, adding texture is also part of college apartment décor. Apart from college bedrooms, people who decorate their rooms generally also follow this idea.



    You must have seen a mirror in every other bedroom. Adding mirrors is an essential element of college apartment decor. Similarly, you can also copy this style and add a new feature to your bedroom.

    A vertical mirror placed at an oblique angle on the front of two walls will definitely enhance the overall look of your bedroom. In addition, mirrors always make your bedroom look spacious and cleaner and give an elegant look to your apartment.

    Gorgeous room decorations

    The above items are some of the ones that will definitely enhance the overall look of your college apartment. In addition, these are some of the best, different, and stylish college bedroom ideas. However, this section of the article will focus on some great room decorations and themes that you can follow.

    The ideas listed below are some of the trendiest ideas for 2022 that will best suit your college apartment décor. In addition, all these are ideas for decorating apartments on a budget.

    happy color

    college dorm room

    Color adds life to your room. Color me happy is one of the finest budget apartment decor ideas for 2022. This budget apartment decor idea is definitely reasonable, and you can color your room by yourself if you have a ready-made sketch in mind. You have to draw the borders, mix the colors and paint your room.

    The Blue Rush

    This is one of the best decorating ideas for a great room if the sunlight has direct access to your room. This is because adding blue tones will enhance the overall look of your room, especially in daylight. Blue dash theme décor ideas include incorporating blue color mats and rugs into your room.

    In addition, you can use a combination of white and blue to add contrast to your room. You can add blue wallpaper above your bed; fluffy blue rugs on your side tables; And a blue patterned rug right in front of your bed.


    A great room decor theme involves using curtains in your room. If you are a person who loves darkness in your room, then this theme is for you. The curtain invitation theme will allow your bed area to be separated from the bathroom area and your bed and bathroom area from the dressing room.

    unconventional floor

    Nowadays, there are multiple types of funky floor tiles available. You can recreate the overall look of your room by replacing the floors with funky tiles. These tiles can have a cartoon, newspaper, mosaic or other theme.

    In addition to that, you can also give your walls a new look by adding funky wallpapers. Nowadays newspaper wallpapers are a new trend, or you can also make media walls and place your bed against this wall.

    Why is College Bedroom Apartment Decorating Necessary?

    College bedroom apartment decoration

    The majority of college students, especially females, choose to decorate and add life to their bedrooms. However, most people do not realize why it is necessary to decorate a college bedroom apartment.

    Here are the reasons why you can decorate your college bedroom apartment perfectly.

    • The empty room appears as if the monk lived in it. Thus, it will be beneficial for you to consider decorating your room to give a look that complements your personality. If you have a lively personality, you can choose the colorful decor for your space.
    • Decorating your time fills the void, reflects your personality, and provides the perfect space you want to live in. You can also make the environment quieter and more pleasant by adding a diffuser, which smells like rain or a floral scent.
    • A well-decorated room will definitely give your friends a reason to come. In addition, your friends will also love your room because it provides a comfortable space for them.
    • Shopping for décor is always fun. It will create a new level of excitement when you shop for your home décor items and put things in place in your college apartment bedroom.
    • You will definitely feel homesick when you are away from home. However, decorating your room your way will make you less homesick and enhance the feeling of being at home.

    There is a large variety of items that you can use in your college apartment bedroom. From mirrors to decorations, you can add multiple features to make your room or apartment your home-like space.

    In addition, you can also choose any other college apartment bedroom ideas or themes that complement your personality and taste.