Frank Sinatra’s Twin Palms property is worth $1.9 million today but only costs $150,000

    When it comes to real estate, Frank Sinatra has been doing things his way. Although the New Jersey-born music icon has bounced from one striking place to another, Sinatra’s Twin Palms plate epitomized his party lifestyle. Seeing everything from the legendary brawls with once-wife Ava Gardner to the revolving door of famous celebrity guests, Ol’ Blue Eyes’ time in the desert was anything but ordinary.

    Frank Sinatra paid only $150,000 for his Twin Palms property

    Frank Sinatra House, Frank Sinatra Twin Palms Estate

    Frank Sinatra and his Twin Palm property | Batman. Carol M. Highsmith/Pinkbar/Getty Images

    As the story goes, 31-year-old Frank Sinatra walked into the office of architect E. Stuart Williams in May 1947 with great opportunity—and potential disaster.