Giambattista Valli’s home is here – just in time for summer fun

    “It’s about sharing culture and excellence,” says Giambattista Valli of his first tabletop collection, over three years in the making. This timeline makes sense when you consider the Italian designer’s collaborations with artisans across Europe and North Africa, from Viennese glassmaker Lobmeyr, to Moroccan linen makers Atelier Houria Tazi, to the potter’s house Augarten Wien. There are Valli-style floral watercolor cups, petal-shaped plates, and Objectives Shaped like lemon and oyster. Recognizing its range of individual influences, the Valli line, presented by Moda Operandi, falls into two distinct categories: The first, Plein-Air, leans towards the floral and feminine aesthetic that his home is known for. (“It’s about Marie Antoinette, the Impressionists, and French Gardens, but there’s an Italian side to it too,” he says.) The second, Cairo Jaipur, is a brighter, bolder selection that features celadon-green and yellow hues. Inspired by his travels.

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    Giambattista Valley Home Porcelain Lemon Box

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    Giambattista Valli Home-painted porcelain dessert plate

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    Porcelain starter plate from Giambattista Valley Home

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    Giambattista Valli home water glass

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    House painted water glass by Giambattista Valli

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    Giambattista Valley Home 5-Piece Bamboo Gold-Plated Silverware Set

    Valli is far from the only designer with tabletop merchandise in mind: With the summer months fast approaching, a new fervor has emerged surrounding the iconic outdoor décor. California cool girl brand Dôen launched a line of dreamy bohemian tablecloths for a dinner party in Los Angeles, while shimmering tableware from India Mahdavi is inspired by the colors printed on the retina after closing your eyes in the bright sun. CeCe Barfield, who has worked with Markarian and Christie’s, believes “well-set dining tables shouldn’t be limited to indoors,” so her new garden collection works well outside: rattan chargers blend easily with French porcelain and Belgian linens host colorful wax candles. .

    Below, the latest home decor and designs launched.

    CeCe Barfield Garden Collection

    “My Garden collection is inspired by elegant outdoor leisure,” says Barfield’s. Floral motifs abound: plates and napkins are decorated with wildflowers, climbing vines, palms and chrysanthemums. The collection with a vintage feel can be used for indoor or outdoor dining, making it an ideal investment for spring and summer entertainers.

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    Cce Barfield Home Veranda Dinner Plate

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    Daisy Barfield Home Table Linens

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    CCI Barfield Home Soleil Wicker Table Runner

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    CeCe Barfield Home Veranda Légumier

    Jake Arnold for the umbrella

    AD100 interior designer Jake Arnold combines modern California eclecticism with the eclecticism of the English countryside in his new bedding line for Parachute: think rich chocolate brown bedding and floral velvet pillows, as well as linen sheets and airy pleated curtains. We especially like throwing the ball.

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    antique striped linen bed cover

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    Vintage Linen Euro Cushion Cover Striped

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    printed linen cushion cover

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    Large Alpaca Buckle Throw

    India Mahdavi x H&M

    “This group will live with it, cherish it, and be a part of your landscape,” India Mahdavi said. Vogue magazine From her home collection with H&M, which brings the architect’s signature rainbow color palette to the general population. Mahdavi developed the collection around the items you use on a relaxing morning: a throw, when you roll out of bed, a lavender mug for your coffee, and a cheery coral jug of flowers or orange juice.

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    H&M x India Mahdavi Large Porcelain Mug

    H&M x India Mahdavi Earthenware Dish

    H&M x India Mahdavi Large stone plate

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    H&M x India Mahdavi Stone Mug

    essence world

    Artists’ sisters Laila and Nadia Gohar’s new cutlery collection, Gohar World, emphasizes surreal, abstract entertainment, offering things like egg candlesticks and trompe l’oeil dishes. The duo worked with family-owned workshops around the world to implement their vision, aiming to highlight heirloom techniques passed down through generations, such as mouth-blown glass and hand-dipped candles.

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    Bohemian florals dominate Dôen’s new textile line, which embraces the rich marigold fields and poppy-filled meadows of California. Set your table and embrace the ’70s Laurel Valley aesthetic, or decorate your bed with soothing bellflowers.

    Calico Country Alabaster Tissues, Set of 4

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    Toilee duvet cover for songbirds