I’m an interior designer – cheap decor changes everyone needs to make your home look more expensive

Your home can look expensive without the high costs.

Interior designers from Swoon, the UK’s leading online furniture brand, have revealed their three favorite TikTok design and decor tips that can easily upgrade your home for less.

The Head of Design at Swoon suggested starting with white walls to give your space a fresh look


The Head of Design at Swoon suggested starting with white walls to give your space a fresh lookcredit: Getty

neutral base

Designers said to always start with the basics when it comes to designing your home.

According to RedInk Homes, walls, floors, worktops, and large pieces of furniture like sofas and dining tables should flow to form a cohesive aesthetic.

They said a neutral base will keep your space timeless and elegant while allowing you to easily change décor based on your changing tastes.

“I love the idea of ​​creating a neutral base for accessories and decorating,” said Sam Baldry, Head of Design at Swoon.

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“As someone who tends to change their interior decor often, with the constant influences of external factors such as the fashion industry and advertising, building a neutral base and enhancing it with bold, bold accessories is the ideal approach to ensuring interior renovations don’t cost an arm and a leg every time.”

Suggest starting with white walls to give your space a fresh and clean look.

As for building around the space, Baldry said to decide on cool or warm tones.

“I prefer elegance,” he said, “so I would choose gray furniture instead of beige – these are the two most neutral primary colors.”

“A light gray sofa, gray curtains, and gray upholstered dining room chairs tie the room together well, leaving room for bolder accessories like wall art, pillows, and lighting to truly personalize the space.”

Concepts > Topics

The creator of TikTok (@arielarts) said he comes up with room concepts rather than themes.

“The theme usually follows certain design rules, using accessories that directly relate to a particular idea, such as shell accessories for a beach-themed room, or flowers for a nature-themed room,” said the designers from Swoon.

On the other hand, the concept uses concepts and motifs from your design idea to give the room a classic feel.

“The sunset-themed room doesn’t need an actual sunset mural,” Baldry said.

“You can incorporate these striking tones into the room’s furnishing and décor for a more intellectual connection – evoking the beauty of a sunset through smart design choices.”


To add detail to your space, home expert Julie Souza shared a video explaining how to use the “design juxtaposition” theory.

“By adding contrasting accessories, like choosing dining room chairs that don’t quite match your dining table or bedside tables that don’t match the frame of your bed, you can create a more inviting and modern space that brings together what your mind thinks it should be,” said the swoon designers.

“The contrast between a rectangular marble dining table with curved chairs in fern green will create a more diverse and interesting display, by blending colors, textures, and shapes in an unexpected way,” Baldry said.

“The human mind longs to see the things it expects, so when a bold design choice surprises it, it becomes a wonderful gallery.”

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Baldry said his favorite way to apply this theory is to combine a wooden desk with metal shelving and a boldly colored woven chair.

“This simple yet effective design combination includes perfectly contrasted textures to keep the space fresh and exciting, while maintaining a sleek, integrated aesthetic.”

Choose between using warm or cool tones to decorate your space


Choose between using warm or cool tones to decorate your spacecredit: Getty

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