Jeep Grand Wagoneer: High tech, luxury, family friendly

    We thought we saw the ultimate expression of Jeep’s luxury interior design with the Grand Cherokee L last year, but the 2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer takes style to a whole new level.

    With advanced first-class materials and plenty of tech features, including seven stunning HD displays, the largest Jeep to date is a unanimous pick for the 2022 Wards 10 Best UX & Interiors award.

    “What can you say? This is the top of the food chain in its class,” says Judge Dave Zoia, noting that the attention to detail for interior design and technology is unparalleled in the large 3-row SUV segment.

    We know we needed something special even before we got into our $116,000 Series III tester, where the driver panels were deployed, headlights danced and puddle lights threw the Grand Wagoneer logo on the floor as we approached the car.

    Upon climbing, eyes immediately turn to a large, eye-catching piece of metal adorned with diamond engravings along the dashboard bearing the Grand Wagoneer name boldly engraved on it. Decorative materials are also used on the covers of not one but two complete units of the luxury SUV, completing the very upscale look.

    Blue agave leather, outlined with gold stitching and trim, covers the seats in the three rows of the Jeep, in a first-class fit and a front-to-rear finish for the approximately 18-foot (5,461 mm) long vehicle.

    Judge Drew Winter says: “The sheer craftsmanship of Jeep’s luxury interiors is breathtaking. The Grand Wagoneer easily makes its way into the six-figure SUV club thanks to the strength of its interior.”

    As a 6-person 3-row SUV, the interior is spacious and comfortable, with fun features like a center console refrigerator, multi-colored ambient lighting, McIntosh audio system, 24-way power-adjustable front seats and a range of outlets and outlets for connecting devices. Various, including the frequently neglected third grade.

    If you want to leave said appliances at home while you’re sitting in the front passenger seat or second row, no problem. Jeep has you covered, with plenty of streaming channels via optional, easy-to-use Amazon Fire TV integration for screens in those seating positions.

    A dedicated 10.25-inch (260.35 mm) screen above the glove box allows passengers to watch a movie, but it also can control what children see on the second-row screens and is designed not to be seen and created by the driver. distraction.

    Excluding these three displays, there are four more: one mounted on the console in the second row, in addition to the relatively standard gauge cluster and infotainment screens in the first row, a seventh can be found in the lower center stack on the first row. Rolls up like an old school desk to reveal more ports and a wireless phone charger.

    The spacious interior, seven displays, the ease of use of Fire TV and the many places it can be connected, combined with high-quality materials and attention to detail, make this Jeep one of the most family-friendly – and beautiful – vehicles we’ve ever tested.