More than 30 pieces of bamboo furniture to give the outdoor space

    Wicker elephant head and wicker tray with blue cups

    Courtesy of Jonathan Adler, Courtesy of Homes and Parties

    Humans have been making bamboo furniture for thousands of years (since the ancient Egyptians bent reeds into chairs and chests, in fact), which begs the question: What can be added to a millennia-old design conversation?

    Lots, as it happens. The technology of weaving elastic plants and synthetic fibers has since been adopted all over the world. It’s now more associated with the perfect porch articles—think rattan lounge chairs with striped cushions and an adjoining dining table filled with flasks full of flowers and snacks. But style remains an internal pillar as well. “We love how it can be used across a variety of styles from contemporary to traditional and everywhere in between,” says Margaret Naif, director of interior design firm M Naif. “It’s a timeless and classic essential.”

    Here, we’ve rounded up some of our most favorite sculptural shapes on au natural Material to add some intrigue to the inside and outside. Of course, you can always stick to the old classics too. says Jou-Yie Chou, director of interior design firm Post Inc. “Until then, it will serve as a nice shoebox in our mud room.”

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    Hosting sometime in the near future? Complete your table setting with a pair of salad servers wrapped in natural handwoven rattan.

    Wicker lighting adds ambiance to a room – perfect for pairing with other more angled floor lamps. Hudson Grace’s holds a unique candle that casts its shade thanks to the rattan weave. It looks great on its own but is best appreciated in pairs and groups, especially outdoors, to create an easy organic feel.

    Bring a picnic basket home with a small bamboo container that you can use to store jewelry, soap, or whatever else you have on hand. If a teal shade doesn’t quite match your color scheme, it’s also available in a bright coral color.

    Anaya glass vase mixes two different materials in wicker: cane for delicate geometric shapes at the base and seagrass rope for the top. Drop some succulent flowers for a pop of color, or opt for some muted fillers for a trim look.

    There are plenty of straw baskets on the market, but the wall-mounted baskets are a little lower and spaced. This iteration from Anthropologie makes a subtle statement in a room while still serving as storage space for all of your different little bits and bobs. Just be sure to keep this basket a bit tidy, as whatever ends up in the room will be displayed for the whole room to see.

    Add the natural look to your bar cart with this set from Fete Home, which includes a range of tools to suit most every happy hour needs.


    raffia decorative pillows

    Matchless textiles are in the DNA of the Pratesi family, and they’ve added a bit of wicker direction to their work with their new Colors of Tuscany collection that includes raffia poppy pillows. Cut out green, yellow, lavender, or pink color options to complete the look.

    Indulging in the wicker trend isn’t just about furniture – it extends to art as well. This particular style can be hung on the wall or used more functionally as a statement-making charger plate for dinner parties and gatherings.


    scalloped edge raffia baskets

    Wicker accessories are beautiful craftsmanship, but they don’t always include a lot of color beyond the beige of the woven plant itself. This set of baskets from Aerin brings a flash of blue to the design with a flower-like badge surrounding each. The smaller portion of the two features an indigo texture, further incorporating the color into the overall design.

    Brooke & Lou describe their sconce as having a “washed beach” look, and we agree that its graceful shape and linen shade definitely give the lamp a nautical feel. Rattan draping lighting from top to bottom complements the aesthetic of this Connecticut beach home.

    Dogs deserve a stylish home, too, so why not give Fido a cozy bamboo haven? Its interior is modern, too, upholstered in Casa Branca’s signature Branca Stripe fabric.

    Jonathan Adler’s oversized elephant head allows you to incorporate taxidermy into your home without all the nasty stuff involved with stuffing and fitting. Adler’s plush set of “rattanimals” also includes the head of a giraffe and a plush dog, if you prefer those critters.

    Yes, laundry baskets can – and frankly, should – look stylish too. Michel Varian is made with seaweed harvested from Vietnam; Due to the organic nature of the material, no two baskets look exactly the same. What better place to store an ever-growing mountain than the laundry you’re sitting in?

    Those who frequent the outposts of Soho House and later thought of designing their own residence after exclusive club interior design are in luck, as you can now take a look at Soho Home. Inspired by vintage designs, this rattan chair has a classic appeal that fits perfectly on a front porch or indoor and outdoor living room.

    Palacek is known for its exquisite bamboo pendants and furnishings, so naturally one of their newest versions, Everly, is on the list. The gradient light look looks very classic and art deco.

    Many associate Feyza Koksal with her glassware—for example, her cut-out vases are gorgeous and colorful—but the designer has expanded into other material categories, too. Her rattan cake dome is inspired by her Turkish upbringing, where she teamed up with local artisans from Turkey to perfect the needle-lace technique for which the piece is named: Oya. Delightful flowers are woven into the dome, providing a unique touch to the center of the bamboo. (Bonus: It’s great for keeping bugs out of all your snacks.)


    Malawi lantern in natural color

    The perfect garden light, Malawi generates a subtle glow through its hand-woven strips. The lantern is available in three different sizes – pair a few of them and pair them up for your next summer evening.

    The swirl designs of the Maybelle Stool stools make them a real standout among other bamboo furnishings, bringing an artistic feel to the natural materials. If you really like the look, the brand also offers a side table in similar wavy patterns.

    Margot will be totally at home in indoor or outdoor environments. The deep lounge chair is perfect for opening a book after a day at the office, or sipping on a glass of wine while watching the sunset from afar.


    Bailey Wicker Double Champagne Cooler. Billy Walker Double Chiller Champagne

    Planning a walk? Better pack some champagne for the occasion then. A Ralph Lauren basket can’t hold one two Bottles of champagne to start the party. The brand’s attention to craftsmanship is particularly evident in the leather handles on either side of the bamboo file.


    Rachel Parcelle Wicker Bedspreads

    Rachel Parcell is a fashion brand first and foremost, with few delightful household items like this placemats thrown in for good measure. Each bamboo mat in the set of four is designed to look somewhat like a flower – great for indoor environments that need some outdoor charm.


    woven rattan vase set

    Wicker, but make it goth. Change up storage (and decor) with a collection that combines moods and natural materials.

    Based in Mexico, Balsa furniture and accessories are handcrafted by local artisans using natural rattan. This candle holder is made of four rods linked together and draws inspiration from desert plant life.


    Braided jar with square bottom and base

    If you want to take sculpted wicker literally, there’s this urn and base made entirely of woven rattan. It’s an unexpected combination of form and materials and is undoubtedly an eye-catcher no matter the space.

    Wicker really adds an organic touch to a space, so these leaf-shaped placemats double in that appeal. Made in Colombia with natural Iraca palm fibres, this set of six will stand out on any table.

    This outdoor dining chair from RH blends woven materials with teak and feels appropriately simple while still keeping it in space.

    Rattan isn’t just used for chairs, tables, and other indoor objects – it’s made its mark in the world of fashion and accessories, too. This handbag was made in a small workshop in Leicestershire, England, by master craftsmen. Soane co-founder Lulu Lytle invested in and revitalized this British studio years ago, effectively preserving the craft of rattan weaving in the UK. The curved handle of the bag comes from these weavers, while the fabric is made in Suffolk.

    It’s in the name, but homes and parties know how to set the stage for a fun-filled dance (see the brand’s new hat, which is shaped like a massive red igloo cooler, for more clues). The tray comes in large and small sizes, so you can put a few sprinkles or negronis on it and serve.

    This new trio of ships from Enchanted Home features three different sizes all made entirely of bamboo. If that’s too much storage, it’s available for individual purchase as well.

    Yes, it’s a classic design, but we love the way the dark red frame pairs with the light, natural colors of the bamboo stool. For more drama, the Wishbone also comes with a deep green and blue bezel, as well as a white option for more colorful settings.


    Headlands Bell Necklace

    Bring a beach-home look to your living room or kitchen by adding this pendant lamp from Serena & Lily above your dining table or gathering space.

    It may be a little avant-garde for some, but there is incredible craftsmanship and a sense of experimentation behind Dee Clements woven utensils. More carvings than everyday functional objects, these colorful accent pieces are inspired by vintage crafts.

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