My City – Jewelry, accessories, home décor brands at Monsoon Edition Brand Nepal 2022 Carnival

    Jewelry and accessories, home decor brands at Monsoon Edition Brand Nepal 2022 Carnival


    Organized by Radio Nagarik, on May 21, 2022, you can learn about several leading jewelry brands that offer original jewelry made of silver, gold, copper and other materials and accessories. These brands are unique in their own way and offer artisanal jewelry and accessories for both men and women. Below is a list of Nepalese jewelry and accessories as well as the home décor brand that is participating in the fourth edition of Brand Nepal 2022 Go Local this year.


    Orabelle jewelry consists of Panchadhatus and copper. It is modern 24 karat gold plated jewelry made of all genders. Product packaging can be reused, recycled and customized by Nepalese artisans. Orabelle products include trendy bold ring, Kiara collars, TE AMO necklace, locket wins locket, Le Cercle ring, Croissant ring and the best set is Curb chain, akila collars and Audrey Bold ring.

    cotton mill in nepal

    The Cotton Mill of Nepal produces beautiful linen cotton for homes and hotels specially designed for comfort and style. It is a sustainable business that uses 100% natural fibres, practices an eco-friendly production method, and is run by the women of the local community. The brand manufactures Khasto mixes, pillowcases, king and queen size bed sheets, dinner mats and lanterns, mattresses, baby chests and masks.

    My little things (Rashmi)

    The brand sells DIY home decor and custom gifts such as T pillar light holders/wooden candle holders, decorative bottles, mugs, trays (Moroccan design, bohemian style), dressing table organizer, phone covers, custom tissue box, resin keychains, etc.

    Kappa creations

    Kappa creations make cotton bed sheets, Malmal blankets, baby bedding set, cotton clothing sets, tank top and shorts, coordinating string set, round rug, bathrobes and shaggy rugs.

    Amo Jewelery:-

    Amo by Aayusha Shrestha is the first conceptual accessory brand in Nepal that prioritizes understanding, documenting and preserving traditional skill sets of metalworkers. They work closely with artisans from home, who continue to practice traditional skills, which have been passed down through generations.

    Aska Nepal:-

    Aksa means soul in Sanskrit and is an ethical and sustainable handmade accessories brand that promotes and preserves the culture of Nepalese art and crafts. Their product line is handcrafted jewelry and accessories for men and women created from copper, gold-plated silver, and semi-precious stones while maintaining their ambiance of authenticity and value. They offer beautiful designs that blend contemporary ethnicity with traditional art that reflects today’s lifestyle where each piece is purely handcrafted by traditionally skilled artisans. Jewelery includes Golden Ball Hoops, Vara, Pebble Earstuds, Pearl Wave, and Surya Bracelet. Himalayan Crystal Mini Lamp is also available.

    Yoko Nepal

    YO-KO aspires to be an indispensable accessory, whether as a protective gear or a style statement while integrating design and sustainability functionality. They pride themselves on using local seamstresses and using locally sourced textiles to produce a wide range of masks. They aim to create exquisite and comfortable handmade products that maintain the high quality of Nepalese products. The popular mask called Dusk has different shades such as orange, yellow and black. The mask series is available in different designs such as black and white plaid set, scattered, sunflower, rangola and indrini set.

    Nepal badge

    Badge Nepal started as a side business to provide Quirky badges for the younger generation and authentic Nepalese designs, but it quickly grew from mere badges to wide ranges of quirky gifts for select corporate gifts. They offer a variety of labels, coffee mugs, water bottles, portable pop socket, greeting cards and just about anything you’d like to print.

    masta calla

    Masta Calla sells custom gifts and decorations such as custom engraved guitar pick box, custom coasters and mugs, emoji keychain, bookmark, keepsake with clock, token of love, table organizer, notebooks, medal and keyring, trophy, custom rakhi, tray Custom, wall art, jewelry hangers, coin boxes and more.

    Maskan Projects

    Maskan Enterprises started the mission in 1996 to support women by providing technical skills. It all started with making simple baby sets to make bed covers, pillow cases, bolsters, quilts and more. It is the manufacturer of bedspreads, pillows, throw pillows, pillow cases, pillow cases, bolsters, ottomans cover and summer and winter comforters.

    Lil’ Sherpa

    The brand creates simple and unique jewelry that is handcrafted in Nepal. All jewelry is made by local artisans in Nepal with a lot of hard work and dedication to produce high quality products. Products include Padm Tiktike Earring, Vakra Earring, Dhoop Chaya Necklace, Phool Butta Bracelet and more.