These are officially the UK’s youngest celebrity millionaires at the moment

    The time has come, while we are in the £300 overdraft, UK billionaires have been announced and among them are 27 celebrities under the age of 30 with millions in the bank.

    Earlier today, The Sunday Times released its annual Rich List, and as part of the list there is an entire section of people under 30 who are already more successful than you ever will be. Not only are celebs on this list, but let’s be honest, no one cares about a random billionaire who inherited their money.

    So we scoured the list to find all the celebrities you care about, and their bank account balances, of course. There are musicians, footballers, and the occasional Netflix star.

    These are the UK’s richest celebrities officially under 30:

    27. Sophie Turner

    via Instagram @sophiet

    net value: 10 million pounds sterling

    Sophie Turner is only 26 years old, yet she has starred in the biggest TV series, married Joe Jonas, had their first child together and is currently pregnant with their second child. Oh, and she has a net worth of £10 million.

    Apart from Game of Thrones, she has also played lead roles in X-Men, Dark Phoenix, and The Staircase which will increase her net worth.

    26. Emma Raducano

    via Instagram @emmaraducanu

    net value: 10 million pounds sterling

    I really need to learn how to start playing tennis because it has made 19-year-old Emma Radocano a millionaire with a net worth of £10m.

    Her victory in the US Open guarantees her a prize money of £1.81 million. I’ve also had business deals with Tiffany and Co. and Dior, which are both said to be around £2 million.

    Emma also has commercial deals with Vodafone, Evian and British Airways. Before her win, she already had a £100,000 sponsorship deal with Nike and Wilson.

    25. Lando Norris

    via Instagram @landonorris

    net value: 10 million pounds sterling

    Formula 1 driver Lando Norris has a net worth of £10 million. He has mainly made this out of his racing cars especially since signing a new contract with Mercedes in February of this year.

    He has recently moved to Monaco aka a tax haven, which will also help him enjoy his £10m cash.

    24. Simon Minter

    Via Instagram miniminter

    net value: 10 million pounds sterling

    Simon Minter aka Miniminter is a 29-year-old YouTuber and co-founder of the YouTube group The Sidemen. His fortune comes from his vlog and YouTube channel which has nearly 10 million subscribers.

    23. Sam Fender

    via Instagram @sam_fender

    net value: 10 million pounds sterling

    Sam Fender is 28 years old and already worth £10 million. His fortune comes from his music career which started when he was a teenager.

    Sam’s latest album “Seventeen Going Under” has been sold over 100,000 times. Aside from album sales, he’ll also have made money from touring and collaborating with Barbour last year.

    22. Millie Bobby Brown

    Via Instagram @milliebobbybrown

    net value: 10 million pounds sterling

    I would never forgive my father for not being forced into becoming a child actress until I became a millionaire like Millie.

    Millie was acting in 2013 but of course her biggest roles were in Stranger Things and Enola Holmes on Netflix.

    In addition to acting, Millie will also have made money from her beauty line Florence by Mills, which is currently sold at Boots.

    21. John Stones

    Via Instagram johnstonesofficial

    net value: 16 million pounds sterling

    England’s John Stones joined the Premier League nearly 10 years ago as Everton signed a £3m contract.

    After leaving Everton, he signed for Manchester City in 2016 for a staggering £47.5m contract with potential £2.5m additions. So if you need any proof of where he got his money from – that’s it.

    20. Tom Holland

    Via Instagram @tomholland2013

    net value: 16 million pounds sterling

    Tom Holland, the more powerful half of the couple, has a net worth of £16 million. Tom has been acting since 2008 and appears as Billy in Billy Elliot on stage.

    His biggest roles also known as Those Who Make a Dollar will be the Spiderman series, Avengers, The Devil All The Time, and Chaos Walking.

    19. George Ezra

    via Instagram @george_ezra

    net value: 16 million pounds sterling

    Ngl doesn’t remember the last time I listened to a George Ezra song but I doubt he cares because he has £16m to his name.

    His fortune will come from music sales and tours.

    18. Harry Maguire

    Via Instagram @harrymaguire93

    net value: 17 million pounds sterling

    England player Harry Maguire is 29 years old and has a net worth of £17 million.

    In 2017, he joined Leicester for an initial fee of £12m, and two years later he joined Manchester United for £80m, a world record for a defender.

    Harry also made money from a deal with Puma believed to be around £700,000 a year.

    17. Lewis Capaldi

    via Instagram @lewiscapaldi

    net value: 19 million pounds sterling

    Lewis Capaldi returned to the Sunday Times Rich List with an additional £2m over last year.

    He released only one album however the rights to his songs are the biggest source of his fortune. He has two companies – Face Like Thunder and Face Like Thunder Touring – worth £3.3 million.

    In 2020, he bought a house outside Glasgow for £1.6 million.

    16. John Boyega

    via Instagram johnboyega

    net value: 19 million pounds sterling

    John Boyega returns to the Rich List with an additional £1 million. The majority of John’s fortune comes from his acting career with leading roles in the Star Wars trilogy, Little Axe, and Pacific Rim: Uprising, among many others.

    15. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    Via Instagram @alexoxchamberlain

    net value: 20 million pounds sterling

    Liverpool player and friend of Little Mix’s Perry Edwards, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is back on the roster with a £3m increase over last year.

    Alex has been with Liverpool since 2017 when he signed a £35m contract. Before Liverpool, he was playing for Arsenal where he was estimated to have earned £12m.

    14. Daisy Ridley

    via Instagram @daisyridley

    net value: 21 million pounds sterling

    Star Wars actress Daisy Ridley has a net worth of £21 million, an increase of £2 million over last year.

    Her biggest roles were in the Star Wars Triangle, Murder on the Orient Express and Peter Rabbit. Daisy also co-owns a production company called Werewolf Films.

    13. Marcus Rashford

    via Instagram @marcusrashford

    net value: 22 million pounds sterling

    Surprised Marcus Rashford is on this list due to how good he is. His net worth increased by £6 million in the past year, which according to The Times only came from his contract with Manchester United, which he signed for £10.4 million in 2019.

    The money from partnerships with Burberry and Macmillan all went to after-school clubs and children’s books, Marcus told The Times.

    12. Storm

    net value: 26 million pounds sterling

    Stormzy added £2 million to his fortune last year despite not releasing any new music. The majority of his fortune comes from music and touring sales, including performing at the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi last year.

    Over the next 10 years, he plans to donate £10 million to charity through his Merky Foundation. He has already established scholarships for black students at Cambridge.

    11. Sam Smith

    via Instagram @samsmith

    net value: £34 million

    Sam Smith’s net worth increased by £1 million last year. The majority of Sam’s fortune will come from sales of their albums, which have gone platinum in many countries around the world.

    They will also earn money from the tours.

    10. Zayn Malik

    via Instagram @zayn

    net value: 36 million pounds sterling

    The top ten kicks off with former One Direction member Zayn Malik. Zain has a net worth of £36m which has not changed since last year.

    The majority of his money will come from his time with the band but he will also earn from his solo recordings. He sold his homes in Los Angeles and London in 2018 and now has an apartment in New York.

    Zayn has done modeling collaborations including a backpacking collection with The Kooples and a recently paid partnership with eyewear brand Arnette.

    9. Cara Delevingne

    Via Instagram @caradelevingne

    net value: 41 million pounds sterling

    Cara’s net worth has increased by £5 million in the past year, which could be from sales of her new brand Prosecco with her sisters.

    The majority of her wealth comes from her modeling and acting career. Her biggest acting roles were in Paper Towns, Suicide Squad, and Anna Karenina.

    Over the years, she has topped campaigns for Burberry, Rimmel, Chanel, and Puma.

    8. Harry Kane

    Via Instagram harrykane

    net value: 42 million pounds sterling

    England captain Harry Kane’s fortune increased by £9 million last year. Harry’s biggest source of income is the £10.4 million he gets from Tottenham Hotspur every year.

    He has also signed an endorsement deal with Nike which will surely add to his bank balance.

    7. Liam Payne

    net value: 44 million pounds sterling

    Like his former bandmate, Liam Payne’s net worth has not changed in the past year. The majority of his fortune will have come from his time at One Direction.

    He also released solo music that would have earned him some money. In the past two years he has sold his properties in Surrey and Malibu and is currently renting a house in Buckinghamshire.

    6. Louis Tomlinson

    net value: 48 million pounds sterling

    Louis Tomlinson has increased his net worth by £3 million in the last year. Aside from money from the One Direction tour and album sales, Lewis will also have made money from his own music and time as a judge on The X Factor.

    Lewis owns a house in Hertfordshire which is believed to be worth 2.5 million pounds.

    5. Raheem Sterling

    Via Instagram @sterling7

    net value: 50 million pounds sterling

    England player Raheem Sterling increased his net worth by £12m last year after signing a multi-year deal with New Balance. Since 2020, he has also struck a deal with Gillette.

    However, Raheem’s main source of income is his £44m contract which he signed with Manchester City in 2015. He previously played for Liverpool where he initially signed a £450,000 contract.

    4. Niall Horan

    via Instagram @niallhoran

    net value: 52 million pounds sterling

    Perhaps the healthiest member of One Direction’s £52m Niall Horan hasn’t changed in the past year.

    The majority of his money came from One Direction tours and album sales, as well as his own music. It is said that Niall owns a property in London.

    3. Little Mix

    net value: 60 million pounds sterling

    It breaks my heart that next year they will no longer be on the list as a group and will instead be listed as individuals. But at the moment Little Mix has increased her net worth by £6 million.

    Their album and touring sales will contribute significantly to their net worth, as well as numerous product endorsements over the years and their talent show on BBC Little Mix The Search in 2020.

    2. Dua Lipa

    via Instagram dualipa

    net value: 60 million pounds sterling

    If anyone were to share his £60m net worth title with Little Mix, it would be Dua Lipa.

    Doaa has increased her net worth by £24 million in the last year according to The Times. The high hit was the fifth most streamed song in the world last year and is also known to have made a lot of money.

    With a world tour and millions of album sales, it makes perfect sense that Dua would rank number two on this list.

    1. Harry Styles

    net value: 100 million pounds sterling

    The Harry Styles award for the richest celebrity under 30 in the UK has a net worth of £100m, an increase of £25m from last year.

    The Rich List was released on the same day as Harry’s third single album release, which will definitely add to his net worth. His tour will also add to his fortune especially after adding additional dates to meet demand.

    Harry’s acting roles in Don’t Worry Baby and Cop will increase his fortune. Earlier this year he bought his third property in north London, a house in Highgate for £4m. It is said that he wants to turn them all into one gigantic palace.

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