Paint Brands: 11 Best Luxury Paint Brands 2022

    Be honest, have you ever thought about that luxury paint brands? If your walls, like most of us, (not to mention baseboards) are in desperate need of a finishing touch, it’s time to ditch the gloopy supplies left over by your previous renter and invest in some brand new, super-quality cans of fresh paint. And we just have the thing.

    Yes, it’s time for that finally Make good use of your mood-handling skills. If you always pin posts to Pinterest and save photos to Instagram, why not extract your archives for inspiration? After all, you deserve to have Instagram-worthy interiors too.

    Perhaps the most important component of an ultra-smooth living space is a lick of fancy paint. And we’ve rounded up 11 of the best luxury paint brands for you to make your choice.

    Yet more internal content? Head down this path towards the most luxurious bed sheetsAnd weighted blankets And body pillows. Once the comfort aspect is sorted, it’s time to ramp up the aesthetics with some Megacute desk accessoriesAnd elegant office chairsand of course some On-trend wall art. Do you need more inspiration? Check out our edit for the most Popular design trends for 2022 (To this limit).

    Trust us when we say there is a file Much To Love About Like. For starters, there are color-accurate peel-and-stick swatches (dramatically reducing mess and stress); Then there is the fact that water-based formulations are suitable for loads from various surfaces, including wood and metal; And – perhaps most importantly – there is a selection of 45 fancy colors to choose from.

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    Made x Lick Paint in pink

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    It’s no exaggeration to say that Farrow & Ball is the ultimate luxury paint brand. Have you ever been to one of their physical stores? It feels like coming home. Anyway, there’s a reason food and drinks are so popular. They are tailor-made color consultancy, which enables you to make elegant and sensible decisions when planning your renovation. The brand is also known for its wide range of chic colors, and our personal favorites are Middleton Pink, All White, and Brassica.

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    Farrow & Ball in white

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    Farrow & Ball in Middleton Pink

    Ah, you can never go wrong with a trusty Dulux case. Simply choose your color palette, select the room you intend to paint, select the surface you plan to paint, and let Dulux do its magic for you. All products are very reasonably priced too, which is always a bonus.

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    Dulux paint mixes a soft sheen in a cream tea

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    Dulux enamel mixes soft shimmer in gentle lavender

    Little Greene Paint is there when it comes to premium, eco-friendly paints – a win-win. All of their water-based paints carry the lowest environmental rating in the industry, with virtually no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), which means you don’t have to worry about “atmospheric solvent contributions, any respiratory issues, or unpleasant odors.” Its paint cans are made from over 50% recycled steel and can be recycled again. Can’t you love him?

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    Little Greene Paint Company Intelligent Gloss in Chemise

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    Little Greene Paint Company Intelligent Gloss in Dark Lead

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    Designers Guild is another luxury paint brand that incorporates sustainability into its products, which are all completely water-based, vegan and low in VOCs. There are 156 stylish shades to choose from, including 12 different (!) shades of white, all packed with pigments for a clean, long-wearing finish.

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    Cloudless Designers Guild Test Pot

    Designers Guild Perfect Matt Emulsion in Sandstone

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    Sanderson’s eclectic color palette can be spotted on many Insta Grids, and for good reason: the shades are on-trend and available in three colors (so you can use them in all interiors – if you wish), and most tones easily integrate into one another. With a heavy-duty, washable finish, you’ll be able to enjoy the look of your new home for longer.

    Sanderson Water-Based Acrylic by Dusty Lilac

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    Sanderson desert gold active emulsion

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    If you want to bring a bit of Scandinavian sophistication into your interiors, look no further than Cox & Cox. Not only are there plenty of elegant ultra-pure shades on offer, but they are also everyone Available in two finishes: matt emulsion for wall and ceiling decoration, and eggshell for interior and exterior wood and metal processing. Don’t know where to start? You can order a free color card.

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    Cox and Cox in the number 912 slip

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    Cox and Cox at No. 906 Smok

    We’ll just go out and say it: Even Pickelson Cans She is something of a beauty wonder and she definitely deserves a story or two on Instagram. However, this alone is not a sufficient reason to invest in it. Fortunately, the paint itself comes in 37 gorgeous shades. It is water based, non-toxic and odorless; And there’s a paint calculator so you can work out how much you’ll need to buy in advance. We are convinced.

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    Bickelson Paint Company in Blue Artichoke

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    Bickelson Paint Company at Low Noise Stone

    Not only does Annie Sloan offer a really wide range of shades and colors, but the brand also pioneered Chalk Paint, which you can apply directly to furniture without the need for sanding or prep. So, you know that cool – albeit dusty – second-hand desk you saw on eBay? It’s time to give him a new home (not to mention a new look).

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    Annie Sloan at Riad Terracotta

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    Annie Sloan wears Paris Gray

    Mylands is one of the oldest family owned luxury paint brands in the UK. There is a reason behind this enduring success. Not only are their paints formulated using high-quality ingredients and natural earth pigments, but they’re also water-based with a low VOC content, making them virtually solvent-free (and better for the environment).

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    Mylands in Gentleman’s Pink #221

    It’s safe to say, we are huge fans of Craig & Rose and their commitment to helping you choose the right color is yours needs. There’s a color consultation with expert advice, color corrections to help you visualize the end result, and a gallery of inspiration if you’re stuck with ideas. what are you waiting for?

    Craig & Rose in Marble Dust

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    Craig & Rose in Porcelain Blue

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