South Mall Retail Tenant Moves To Village West Shopping Center – The Morning Call

    A family-run company that offers restored furniture, local artisan wares, and do-it-yourself home décor workshops makes steps in Lehigh County.

    Fred Lopez’s company, owned by husband and wife Joan and Don Lopez, will move in the coming weeks from its one-year-old location at the South Mall on Lehigh Street in Salisbury to Village West Shopping Center on Tilghman Street and North Cedar Crest in south Whitehall.

    Dawn said the business is set to close its South Mall location in mid-June and reopen at its new Village West location on July 1.

    The Lopez family drives their operation, also known as Fred Law. Company, primarily for more space.

    “That way, I can bring in more machines to be able to help my artists and to be able to help the community even more,” Dawn said. “The space also allows for more activities.”

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    Fred Low. Offering chairs, cabinets, tables, and other restored furniture, it originally opened in April 2021 in the former Getrude Hawk Chocolates space in the South Mall before expanding in July to a second storefront for the mall, and features a gallery of completed pieces and space to do so-your-classes, across the lobby.

    Late last year, the Lopez family closed the company’s original shopping mall, which primarily served as their workspace, and continues to operate the larger storefront.

    The couple runs the company with their two children, Nathaniel and Isabella. The family works together to restore furniture that customers bring to them as well as pieces they get on their own through estate sales, thrift stores, and more.

    “The work actually started in 2019 as a result of my son moving to LCTI Carpentry,” Joan said. “His only job was to make something with a parent. So, we took apart a pallet, cleaned it up and put some hooks on it to make a coffee cup holder. We finally started finding the furniture and got more creative.”

    Fred Low. Co offers Custom painted and engraved pieces, along with handcrafted items such as decoupage, macrame and stained glass creations, from about a dozen missionaries.

    Customers can also purchase a full suite of Dixie Bell Paint Company’s paint and take part in do-it-yourself classes such as basic macrame, dream catchers, leatherwork, wreath making, and family heirloom painting marking.

    As of June 15, the work will accept new artists and a shipment. Information: 610-333-2075;