These 19 celebrities will be university professors of these nineteen subjects in the alternate universe

Going to college would have been much more luminous if these celebrities had become professors instead of artists.

Some believe that there is an alternate universe inhabited by replicas of ourselves acting in our inverted reality.

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If you’ve been daydreaming long enough, you may find yourself imagining what your personal likeness is doing in a parallel world; Well, people who believe in science fiction do it anyway. Whenever I see certain celebrities, sometimes I imagine them in an alternate reality, thinking about what they would do if they weren’t artists.

For some reason, I can imagine these 19 celebrities being a college professor on those 19 college courses in a multiverse. Did you know, did they choose the path of education rather than entertainment.


Snoop Dogg – Professor of English

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Snoop Dogg has a strong command of English and strength in creative writing, which is why clever metaphors, similes and expressions can be found in many of his rap songs. Plus, only a true fan of grammar will be inclined to showcase his spelling abilities and knowledge of vocabulary like Snoop DO-double G in his music. If Snoop Dogg had gone into teaching, he would surely have been a professor of English.


Johnny Depp – Professor of Literature

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Johnny Depp has always been a magnet, and his mysterious and soothing aura screams enthusiastic to the poet. I can fully imagine Depp as a professor of literature, taking great pride in helping his students decipher the deeper meanings behind the narratives presented in the course.


Jennifer Lopez – Professor of Dance History

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Jennifer Lopez is a proudly trained dancer, and considers herself a dancer before a singer and actress. With her extreme love of dance, Jenny from the block would obviously be an amazing dance history professor if she were in college.


Kim Kardashian – Professor of Public Relations and Marketing

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Kim Kardashian is the queen of publicity, and she knows how to sell a product. When it comes to controlling spin and roll, Kim Kardashian is the mastermind. In my opinion, instead of getting a law degree, Kim K should have gone back to college for her PR and Marketing degree because she’s already basically knowledgeable.


Will Smith – Professor of Physics

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Will Smith revealed to the World Republic in 2021 that he was a physicist at heart. Smith’s ability to solve a Rubik’s Cube in less than a minute, great interest in mathematics, and natural charisma make him the perfect physics professor.


Alicia Keys – Music teacher

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Alicia Keys is a classically trained pianist, singer, and songwriter. In an alternate universe, Alicia Keys would be quite the music professor, most likely at NYU or Juilliard.


Leonardo DiCaprio – Professor of Environmental Sciences

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Actor Leonardo DiCaprio is an environmental activist and an active advocate for climate change awareness.


Erica Badu – Professor of Philosophy

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After watching an interview with Erykah Badu, it becomes clear that Badu would have inspired all her students if Philosophy Studies had become Professor Badu instead of music star Badu.


Lady Gaga – Professor of Gender and Sexuality Studies

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Lady Gaga has always been a vocal activist for the LGBTQIA+ community, writing songs to uplift LGBTQ+ members like “Born This Way”.“Lady Gaga has always preached the message of inclusivity, acceptance, and an appreciation of the differences between one another. In theory, if Lady Gaga’s music career didn’t explode, she would definitely succeed as a professor of gender and sexuality studies.”


Nick Cannon – Professor of Media and Journalism

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Nick Cannon has always had a talent for gossiping. Over the years, Cannon has used his charm and personality to host TV shows like american talents And The masked singer. In addition, Canon also had its own podcast Canon class A radio show on Power 106 titled Nick Cannon Morning. All of the Canon live hosting sites indicate that the 41-year-old Wild ‘N Out The creator was Bomb** professor of mass slash journalism in a parallel universe.


Trevor Noah – Professor of Political Science

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Many of Trevor Noah’s daily comments on the state of the world are expressed in his book The Daily Show with Trevor Noah An analytical political monologue. The comedy that he puts into serious social, economic, and political discourse is characteristic of a serious political science professor.


Solange Knowles – Professor of Art History

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Solange Knowles is highly creative and has a distinct aesthetic that shows her clear interest in art.


Jessica Lange – Professor of Dramatic Art

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Jessica Lange is drama, so it’s fitting for her to be a performing arts master in the multiverse.


Oprah Winfrey – Professor of Economics

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Oprah Winfrey Weave Her Talk Show Oprah Winfrey Displays into an entire media empire, which includes Oprah Magazine, OWN Network and Harpo production studios. Of all this, Oprah has amassed a net worth of $2.6 billion. It’s pretty clear that Opera knows how to make money and manage money; Therefore, she would dominate as an economics professor if she were.


Denzel Washington – Professor of Psychology

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Go watch or rewatch Anton Fisher. After seeing Washington envision the role of therapist Dr. Jerome Davenport, you’ll also agree that Washington would be an influential psychological professor in another reality.


Angelina Jolie – Professor of Cultural and Ethnic Studies

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Angelina Jolie travels all over the world, giving back like no true humanitarian. Jolie has also adopted quite a few children from different cultural backgrounds such as her Ethiopian daughter Zahra and Cambodian son Maddox. Something about Jolie just radiates a professor of cultural and ethnic studies.


Amara La Negra – Professor of Latin Studies

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Love and Hip Hop: Miami Reality star and singer Amara La Negra is a proud Latina who brings a lot of awareness to the ongoing problems within the Latino community. Amara La Negra would frankly make a wonderful Latin studies professor, had she chosen education rather than entertainment.


Steven Spielberg – Film Professor

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Spielberg was born to be a film director. In some reverse universe, if Spielberg wasn’t a movie-producing legend, he sure would be a kick-ass cinematic professor who would raise generations of Spielbergs.


Kendrick Lamar – Professor of African American Studies

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Kendrick Lamar is a full pro-black. Therefore, there is no doubt that he would have become a professor of African American Studies had he not made him a rapper.