5 Instagram Marketing Tips for Real Estate Companies

Are you owning a real estate company that isn’t getting the volume of clients you hoped for? Do you want to work on building brand awareness in hopes of turning things around? One of the best ways to market any business at the moment is through social media, particularly Instagram. When used correctly, Instagram marketing can prove to be an effective tool that your real estate business has been missing.

Not sure where to start with Instagram? Use these five marketing tips to help your real estate business reach its full potential.

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Posts should draw attention to the town/city too

When publishing a listing for a home, it’s important to include basic details that will catch the attention of people browsing your feed. And while house details are important, don’t forget to also promote the town/city. Just as you will discuss with potential buyers in person, you are selling a lifestyle, not just a home, so pointing out the positives about the neighborhood and city will be important.

Post regularly and consistently

This tip can be used by any company that uses Instagram as a marketing tool. One of the worst mistakes you can make is not posting too often or being inconsistent so people have no idea when new content will come out. This will negatively affect the number of followers you have and your opinions.

Create custom stickers

One of the things that are very popular on Instagram, and social media in general, is the use of stickers. So here’s an opportunity to embrace the trend and use it to your advantage. You can create a custom poster design with content that speaks for your brand. You can even turn your company logo into a custom sticker if you so choose. Then you can post the sticker to your Instagram, making it appear regularly in your posts. Labels tend to get attention, so ask yourself what you want to look like when you’re designing them.

Join in the comments section

Comments are very popular on Instagram, and they help your posts get seen, so this is something you want to encourage. But people should feel as if you are interacting with them again, which means being active in the comments section. In particular, it is important to answer questions people may have about the menu. Taking the time to respond to people can make the difference between getting a sale or losing.

And let’s not forget that people are probably looking for a real estate agent who can list their homes. If you are present and answer the comments in a timely manner, this creates a very positive brand image. It can tip the scales in your favour, and it may even give you the list.

Inserting a video can have a huge impact

While posting an album of photos is definitely a good idea, as it gives people a better sense of the list, there is a better option out there. Anytime you can, it’s important to use video in your posts. A short video of walking up and in the front door of the house can be very effective. You can even include short videos of key areas of the house, highlights in the backyard etc. Video will always be more effective, so find ways to use it as often as possible.

Using all of these tips and making sure you keep up with your efforts means that you will know how effective Instagram can be in marketing your real estate business.