Seagate begins vertical construction in Sunny Isles style at Hill Tide Estates

Typical house on a sunny island in Hill Tide Estates in Boca Grande.

Boca Grande, Florida — Seagate Development Group has begun vertical construction of its three-story Sunny Isles modular home — with more than 5,400 square feet of furnished living space plus beautifully designed outdoor spaces — now for sale at Hill Tide Estates in Boca Grande. Leading full-service developer and its fast-growing interior design company, Theory Design, are preparing a contemporary tour of a coastal country home near the beautiful waters of the Gulf of Mexico and Port Charlotte. In 2023, it will be home to a sophisticated and distinguished individual or family that appreciates island life, the rich history of tarpon fishing, and tropical wonders.

“Hill Tide Estates is a hidden treasure in southwest Florida, and the Sunny Isles model will embody the greatest and most inspiring details that this short story community and its surroundings have to offer,” said James Nolf, Jr., chief operating officer and partner of Seagate. development group.