Austin real estate expert reveals the huge power of organizing shows

After owning her own company in another market, Susan Griffiths She combined her significant experience with her passion for her new surroundings and launched one of the most exciting careers in real estate in Central Texas.

Her performance with Kuper Sotheby’s International Realty earned her a spot on the Elite 25, the top 1 percent of Austin’s luxury dealerships, for 19 years.

One of the most important things she’s learned during her exemplary career is the power of staging.

“I’m excited to keep up with the latest interior design trends, and have had the opportunity to collaborate with great coaches who inspire me,” she says. “Staging creates an emotional connection with a potential buyer. It’s about creating a space where memorable moments can happen.”

Arguing over whether you should organize your home before putting it on the market? Read on for more Griffith tips.

Buyers Inspiration
People often search for homes online first, and a listing with staging photos is more likely to catch the attention of a potential buyer.

“Most buyers are uninspired by the empty house, and staging helps them see the best use of each room and imagine living in the house,” Griffiths says.

Step into a virtual world
The pandemic has changed a lot in the real estate industry, and one of the biggest have been the offering – and popularity – of virtual tours and regulation.

Griffith embraced this technological advance, using it in both interior design and exterior landscaping. It became especially useful after the 2021 freeze.

“Through the power of virtual staging, we’ve been able to bring trees, shrubs and grass back to life, making the landscape look lush and vibrant — which it would have been if it weren’t for the freeze,” Griffiths says.

She always buys a floor plan for each of her listings, to make sure the virtual experience reflects the personal experience as closely as possible.

“Sometimes a floor plan by itself is not enough for a potential client to visualize the layout of the house,” she says. “Virtual staging seamlessly guides the client through each room and helps them imagine how the spaces will be used.”

simple steps
There are little things you can do that have a big impact, like letting in natural light and getting the same bright lights throughout the house.

Griffith also recommends getting as much walking space as possible so that every room has good flow. This can be accomplished by removing any furniture that is too large for the space that might block windows or hallways.

Clutter-free work surfaces and everything picked up from the cabinet floors makes those spaces feel more spacious.

“Many people don’t want to spend money organizing outdoor spaces, but that always makes a home more inviting,” says Griffiths.

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