Kelvin Fletcher and 11 other famous secret farmers

    Many of the big names in entertainment and television live hectic lives filled with early call times, constant travel and late nights.

    To beat the pressures of the spotlight, some celebrities have chosen to make the countryside their home and retire to the tranquility of a ranch.

    Away from the red carpet, these celebrities live completely different lives that most people might not know about.

    Flavia Kakas and Jimmy Mistry

    After meeting Strictly Come Dancing as partners in 2010, actor Jimi Mistry and professional dancer Flavia Cacace decide to uproot their lives in Guilford and move to the North Devon countryside.

    The couple now runs their own farm, and they documented their adventures on an Instagram account called Our Life At The Barn.

    Flavia Cacas and Jimmy Mistry live on a farm in the North Devon countryside


    Instagram / Our life in the barn)

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    They share videos and photos of their livestock and produce, such as rams, chickens and sheep.

    The couple is also looking to open their own farm shop and guest house soon.

    Kelvin Fletcher

    Former Emmerdale actor, motorsport driver and Strictly Come Dancing winner moves to a ranch on the edge of the Peak District National Park in 2021.

    Kelvin Fletcher lives on the 120-acre plot with his wife Liz Marland and two children, Marnie, five, and Milo, three.

    The family has documented their new farming life on the BBC programme, Kelvin’s Big Farming Adventure.



    The family recently announced the birth of twins.

    After playing farmer Andy Sugden on the soap for twenty years, Kelvin decided to take the step to try it out in real life, despite having no farm experience.

    The family was showing fans how they adapted to farm life on BBC One’s Big Adventure from Kelvin Farm.

    Calvin Harris

    Scottish international DJ producer Calvin Harris has sold two multi-million dollar Los Angeles mansions in 2020 to enjoy rural life on his 138-acre Spanish farm.

    He bought Terra Masia, in Ibiza, and now helps take care of livestock and grow organic vegetables.

    Superstar DJ Calvin Harris replaced the glamor and lights of the Hollywood Hills with farm life in Ibiza


    Instagram / Calvin Harris)

    Calvin took pictures of the products that his farm grew, such as carrots and oranges.

    The land also produces wine and eggs, and is said to be the largest organic farm on the island.

    Terra Masia is also a venue for weddings and special events.

    Martin Clones

    Doc Martin Clunes actor regularly travels the world making documentaries, most recently reviewing animal travel stories in Martin Clunes: My Travels and Other Animals.

    When he’s not filming, he spends time on his farm in Dorset with his wife Philippa.

    Doc Martin Martin Clunes actor lives with his family on a farm in Dorset


    2020 shutterstock)

    They bought Beaminster Farm in 2017 and have raised horses, dogs, sheep, chickens, Shetland ponies and 50 Dexter cattle.

    In an interview with Saga, Martin said, “I love the space and the way everything changes all the time with the seasons. It puts me in touch with real life.”

    “It’s a great way to get away from the world,” he added.

    Hadid family

    Bella and Gigi Hadid’s mother Yolanda owns a $4 million ranch in New Hope, Pennsylvania.

    The daughters of the Real Homestylers of Beverly Hills are isolated on a 32-acre ranch during the coronavirus shutdown, along with former boy star Zayn Malik.

    Bella and Gigi Hadid spend their lives in seclusion on their mother’s farm



    The farm is a world away from supermodels


    Johns PKI /

    The sprawling estate has its own horse stables for the horse-loving family, a botanical garden where Yolanda makes essential oils and a line of her gin.

    They also have livestock including Scottish Highland cows, chickens, sheep and goats.

    Matt Baker

    The Countryfile presenter moved to an organic sheep farm in Durham Dales to help his parents, after his mother was injured in a serious accident.

    Country Files presenter Matt Baker lives on a farm in Hertfordshire with his wife, Nicola, and their two children



    Matt, his wife, Nicola, and their two children documented the experience in the Channel 4 series Matt Baker: Our Farm in the Valleys.

    The family also owns their own small farm in Chilterns, Hertfordshire, where they own their sheep, donkeys, chickens and dogs.

    Martha Stewart

    Celebrity chef Martha Stewart owns her own 156-acre farm in Katona, New York.

    She bought the farm in 2000 for $15.2 million and renamed it Cantitoe Corners; It was formerly called Sycamore Farms.

    Martha Stewart owns a ranch in New York that looks like a ‘small village’


    Martha Stewart)

    She was slowly working on restoring and rebuilding the estate, adding new properties and renovating existing ones on the land.

    Martha Moments’ blog explains that the land is very much like “a small village, with a series of houses and outbuildings spread across the vast grounds”.

    It’s every chef’s dream, as Martha can use vegetables, eggs, fruit and milk in her recipes.

    Jason Gardiner

    The former judge of Dancing on Ice left his farm life to move from London to an eco-friendly farm in Portugal.

    Jason, 46, was once called “Mr. Nasty” in an ITV dance competition and left the role in 2019.

    Dancing on Ice Judge Jason Gardiner left a famous life to live on a farm in Portugal


    Instagram /thejasongardiner)

    During the lockdown, a neighbor allowed him to use an allotment, which allowed him to find a new love for nature.

    He now describes himself as a “nomadic sustainable agriculture designer” who travels around encouraging people to be more sustainable.

    In an Instagram post, Jason wrote: “Going back to basics where you don’t have to rely on a cluttered supply chain for your energy is something we all need to think seriously about.”

    Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

    Actress Nicole Kidman and her husband Keith Urban own a $4.5 million working farm in Bunya Hill, Australia, which they bought in 2008.

    Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban own a working farm worth $4.5 million in Australia



    The 111-acre plot is an orchard filled with fresh fruit and is home to a herd of Black Angus cows, six alpacas, and chickens.

    In 2015, Nicole told Vogue that she loved “the simplicity, the air, the peace” of her farm life in Down Under.

    Although this is not the only property the A-list couple owns, they are said to spend half of the year on the farm.

    Elizabeth Hurley

    Actress and model Elizabeth Hurley purchased a 400-acre organic farm in Gloucestershire in 2003.

    The 56-year-old left the chaos of London with her son Damien and then-husband Aaron Nayar.

    Liz Hurley lived on a working farm between 2003 and 2015



    The farm was home to sheep, chickens, and other animals.

    In the end, Elizabeth sold the farm in 2015 for £9 million and approached Forest Dean.

    Russell Crowe

    Actor Russell Crowe owns a 400-hectare farm in New South Wales, Australia.

    Conspiracy ravaged by November 2019 conspiracy, Russell chose to miss the Golden Globes to help his neighbors fight the flame.

    Australia’s 400-hectare Russell Crowe farm was hit by bushfires at the end of 2019



    Russell Crowe attends the Showtime network premiere of The Loudest Voice


    LightRocket via Getty Images)

    And he published pictures of the affected farms and their recovery after the heavy rains.

    Russell even invited Oprah Winfrey to visit the farm and view 500 cows.

    JB Gil

    JLS pop star JB Gill has moved his wife Chloe and two children to an 11-acre farm in Kent, which houses animals like turkeys and chickens.

    He told the BBC he had always wanted to stay away from the bright lights of fame.

    JB Gill lives on an 11-acre farm in Kent


    channel 5)

    JB and his wife moved to Kent

    Here, Farming presents CBeebies’ Down on the Farm and Channel 5’s On The Farm shows.

    JB supported a campaign to promote British pears and apples, encouraging people to buy locally.

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