No, really, he’s a ranger: The list of Florida real estate includes ex-husband

A new listing in Panama City, Florida, comes with a little more than the average buyer might want to bargain for.

Seller Crystal Ball, 43, has listed her three-bedroom, two-bathroom home, which includes a patio, pool, hot tub, and ex-husband named Richard, to a smart buyer interested in a potential sale discount, Newsweek reported Wednesday.

Paul and ex-husband Richard Chaillot, 54, decided to divorce on amicable terms after seven years together. The two go on to maintain a number of businesses together and co-parent their children, however, Ball, who took her real estate license in 2019, seems happy to help her ex with his new romantic future by giving him an unusual endorsement.

In the home you listed at 3819 Quail St. One of the many investment properties she owns, Ball has announced her “fantastically rehabilitated ex-husband to take over as a tenant” and may lower the asking price of $699,000 for a buyer willing to let him stay.

It does Chaillou well, too – apart from hilarious photos of him around the house in muscular poses and playing hide and seek with a white stuffed tiger, Ball’s List also boasts Chaillou’s skills as a home cook and handyman.

“This dream man in the kitchen is a personal chef and butler who cooks perfect meals on a new stove with an updated countertop on which you can keep memories,” Ball List’s description elicits. “The headdress is well worn, mostly bald, like eagles soaring in the sky over the S. Lagoon steps from your gigantic driveway.”

Ball also points out Cahillou’s beneficial physical features, which can do more than meets the eye.

The description states “XL ears catch the squeak and ensure WD40 is applied to new fixtures.” “The Big Italian Nose will smell any odors before you even think about taking the trash out your ornate front door. The superpowers will save your back years of hard work lifting the lid of your hot tub where you can fall in love with listening to our little boys splash around in the pool.” Tenants’ new metallic rafts should outlast their new, expertly installed LVP flooring.”

Because of Ball’s unusual suggestion, the list has been flagged and removed multiple times, with other agents arguing that it goes against MLS rules. However, Paul claimed otherwise, it is common practice to sell investment properties in Florida with tenants occupying it.

crystal ball | Investors gone Wild Realty

The unique marketing technique was also an opportunity for Ball to announce to the world its name change and launch of its new medium, Investors Gone Wild Realty. Previously, Ball worked as Crystal Chaillou on eXp Realty.

“I’m a huge fan of creative marketing tactics, and I felt this was an appropriate way to announce my divorce, change my name, and launch my new brokerage,” Paul told Newsweek.

The menu was chosen by Zillow Gone Wild Twitter earlier this week and garnered more than 1,700 likes.

One Twitter user named bae replied, “Lots were sold to a personal chef,” while another named Lurker said, “His poses…they’ve been sold out.”

In general, Paul said people responded to the list with good humor, apart from some thorny agents.

“The comments were generally positive,” she told Newsweek. “There are some other agents who don’t see the humor in it, but that’s part of the reason why I included it.”

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