Pipeline: Commercial real estate report for 4.29.22

Top three sales

No. 1: Solomon Commonwealth Plaza LLC Sold 16800 square feet at 5201 Commonwealth Parkway Center at source field to $3.6 million to Rehan Zuhair. Katherine SpanglerAnd James Ashby IV And Annie O’Connor With Cushman & Wakefield | thalheimer Represents the seller.

No. 2: Chamberline RVA LLC Sold 18 units at 3810 Chamberlain Ave. at Richmond to $1.9 million from 3810 Chamberlain Avenue Richmond Virginia Series. Tom RosemanAnd Justin SladeAnd Isaac Wentz With south commercial one Represents the seller.

No. 3: 3410 W Leigh ST LLC Sold 10,532 square feet at 3410-3412 W. Leigh St. at Richmond to $1.9 million. Keri Riley With Marcus and Millisap Handle the deal.

Top Three Rentals

#1: Spirit Halloween Stores rented 16155 square feet at 9864-9900 W Broad Street at Henrico. Nikki Gacy With Cushman & Wakefield | thalheimer represent the owner.

No. 2: Chaos Lab rented 8046 square feet at 3513-3523 Court Road at source field. Andy Walsh With SugarOak ​​. Properties represent the owner.

No. 3: Richmond Pregnancy Resource Center rented 7,611 square feet at 1603 Santa Rosa Road at Henrico. Bill Phillips With Joyner Commercial representing the tenant.

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SugarOak ​​Realty reports the following deal:

El Palo Dulce dba El Paso Mexican restaurant has expanded to 6,535 square feet at 3417 Cox Road in Henrico. Andy Walsh was representing the owner.

Commonwealth trading partners report the following deals:

Virginia Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery has leased 3,000 square feet at 10601 Greenyard Way in Chesterfield. Like Tucker Doody and Ben Bruni the owner.

Shannon Wilson Howell has leased 1,837 square feet at 11551 Nuckols Road in Henrico County. Eliza Izzard represented the owner.

Core Kids Academy rents 7,069 square feet at 8968 Koyokasin Rd in Henrico. Michael Morris represents the owner.

Reefology RVA leases 1,200 square feet at 1561 Parham Road in Henrico. Like Colton Convica Tenant.

K&G LP purchased 2,460 square feet at 210 England Street in Hanover for $460,000 from Integris Capital Partners for $460,000. Ben Bruni and Michael Mayhew represented Jupiter.

CBRE has reported the following transaction:

Brown Investment Advisory and Trust has leased 6,182 square feet at 1021 E. Curry Street in Richmond. Like Chris Wallace and Eric Williford the tenant.

Divaris Real Estate announces the following deals:

Ferment Nation LLC leases 1,800 square feet at 10385 Wood Park Court in Ashland. Cheryle represents the tenant.

Qualdoc LLC leases 1,128 square feet at 6912 Three Chopt Road in Henrico. Cheryle represents the tenant.

Joyner Commercial reports on the following transaction:

EAL Education Services dba Ivybrook Academy has leased 5,903 square feet at 480 Winter Place Way in Chesterfield. Like Bill Phillips the tenant.

Cushman & Wakefield | Thalimer mentions the following deals:

Evil Keevil LLC purchased 1,295 square feet at 2,603 ​​E. Main St. in Richmond for $550,000 from Charles R. Zehab Jr. Like Michael A. Shaia seller.

Mitchco International leases 4,000 square feet at 723 Southpark Blvd. In Colonial Heights. Alicia Brown and Pete Waldbauer represented the owner.

Truckle Cheesemongers leases 1,490 square feet at 600-714 N. Sheppard Street in Richmond. Like Riley Marchant the owner.

Colliers reports on the following deals:

Hilal Sons LLC leases 2,000 square feet at 4312 W. Hundred Road in Chesterfield. Maddy Spear represents the owner.

The Chesterfield Family Orientation Center rents an 1851-square-foot facility at 11520 Knockles Road in Henrico. Like Frank Hargrove and Megan Sullivan the owner.

Capitol Securities Management leases 5,676 square feet at 4,050 Inglis Drive in Henrico. Like Frank Hargrove and Megan Sullivan’s hire.