Sacramento History Museum presents a new season of time travel tours

Located in the historic district of the Old Sacramento Waterfront, the Sacramento History Museum has completely reopened seven days a week and offers an exciting new season of time walking tours. The popular Old Sacramento Underground Tours are available seven days a week and are immersive Gold fever! Games are available on weekends. The museum is closed on Easter Sunday and tours are not available during the holiday.

Sacramento History Museum

Inside the museum, visitors can explore 7,000 square feet of exhibition space with a newly remodeled atrium and spacious layout. In addition to stopping by the historic print shop on the main floor – and perhaps getting glimpses of famous TikTok lecturer Howard Hatch at work – the exhibit is called a must-see. California in print: Highlights of the Eleanor McClatchy . collection This is on display in the R. Burnett Miller Gallery on the third floor. The gallery displays rare items and collectibles from the Eleanor McClatchy Collection housed in the Sacramento History Center. The Sacramento History Museum is located at 101 I Street in Old Sacramento and is open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tickets cost $10 for adults, youth ages 6-17 cost $5 and are free for children five and under.

Old Sacramento Subway Tours – Season 12!

From the Sacramento Museum of History, guests of the Old Sacramento Underground Tour have a unique opportunity to explore what has been hidden under the city for more than 150 years, while uncovering facts and legends that lie beneath historic buildings and sidewalks. Guests explore excavated foundations, closed paths, and interesting archaeological exhibits while hearing voices from 1860’s street life and tales of destruction, perseverance, and determination that led to California’s only successful street-lift project. Experienced tour guides provide entertaining experiences from different points of view that may differ on each tour. Just in time for the 2022 season, new underground tour guides are among the likes of Madame Fanny Lanos, Benjamin Franklin Hastings, Frances “Frankie” Bass, Dr. John F Morse, And Lorinda Washburn, For example, but not limited. While tour schedules may fluctuate with the seasons, Old Sacramento Underground Tour tickets cost $22 for adults, $15 for children 6-17, and are free for kids 5 and younger.

Gold fever! Game – Season Five!

A boom or a bust…departure from the newly relocated Sacramento Visitor Center (1000 2second abbreviation Street), Old Sacramento Waterfront guests can experience what it was like to hunt a gold rush in River City while actively participating in the curiosity Gold fever! game and tour. Participants take on the characters of history – or “real-life bastards” – who have scratched their way to making this area the center of the Gold Rush. Never the same experience twice, Gold fever! The game relives the early days of Sacramento when the gold rush reigned amid horrific disasters that threatened fortunes and fortunes. To make things more exciting, elements of chance are introduced that can change the fate of the tour guests. With lively tours meandering through the historic district, visitors discover whether they have successfully survived numerous floods, whether they managed to keep gold dust (or lost it entirely at the gaming tables) and if they survived fires, disease, and the occasional steamboat explosion. While flight schedules may fluctuate with the seasons, Gold fever! Game tickets cost $12 for adults, $8 for children 6-17, and are free for kids 5 or younger.

All Time Travel Tour tickets include free admission to the Sacramento Museum of History. Guests who book an old subway tour in Sacramento and Gold fever! The game at the same time (even if the rounds take place on different days) gets special combo prices. For more information or to purchase advance tickets for Gold fever! Games and Old Sacramento Underground Tours, please visit

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