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May 18 2022

Serena Irina Bistro in Warsaw

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Jazzy Warsaw Perogee Bistro puts an innovative twist on a culinary staple

Poland’s answer to Japanese gyoza or Italian ravioli, the humble pierogi is the religion in a country where rustic recipes are passed down through generations like the old gospel. In the newly opened Serena IrinaThe fluffy pillow stuffed with meat and vegetables receives a modern update. Located off the city’s historic Royale Route, graphic design agency Mamastudio has teamed up with architecture office Projekt Praga on what they call a charged interior scheme that evokes a mid-century spirit.

“We were influenced by the jazzy aesthetics of Warsaw in the 1960s, when this part of the city was a vibrant destination for night owls and flies,” said Mamastudio, who used illustrator Ola Sadownik to collaborate on the project. “There were bright neon signs, music everywhere, colorful arts, and exciting energy.” Indeed, references to that era appear in the form of neon ceiling fixtures, whimsical drawings of wine glasses, and towering murals, including Herbert James Draper’s “Ulysses and Sirens,” which serves as a backdrop of sorts in one of the rooms.

In another seating area, Projekt Praga chose shapes and materials that evoke the sageest style of Poland’s communist period such as the terrazzo-like table tops and Finnish triple stools from Back Studio. Of course, even a fun design like this one takes a back seat to the bistro Cause of existenceThe burger, prepared using time-tested kneading and folding techniques despite being filled with innovative ingredients. For example, fermented Ramson and smoked quark cheese or poppy seeds, raisins and nuts. The additions push the envelope, too, and range from celery root fractions to brown butter with wild mushroom powder to herring roe with cream. Best practice is to wash it down with white vodka or soft local vodka. –net story

Cassius Hearst. Photo courtesy Prada

Prada collaborates with Cassius Hirst on a series of colorful, spray-painted sneakers.

“In an industry still elusive with the idea of ​​collaboration, Prada is still notorious for being eclectic when it comes to working with other labels or designers. So when Miuccia Prada told artist Cassius Atticus Hearst that they should create something for Prada together, Cass reacted, as is well known. , as if in a dream. A different kind of teen stalking caught the attention of Mrs. Prada. Inspired by a workshop that Virgil Abloh had with Nike in which participants were able to paint an Air Force 1, Cass began buying blank white sneakers and spraying them with gradient paint. Abstract trilogy.He didn’t intend this to become a standalone art hustle—he was just a kid with plenty of art supplies at his disposal, fiddling with.Cass painted over 80 pairs of sneakers to come up with four final designs (22 colors) that show his eye for gradations. Silky smooth and delicate textile trims.” –[H/T GQ]

George Getos painted a mural in Odessa, Ukraine, likening Putin to a hobbit.

Award-winning Australian artist George Getos created an outdoor mural in one of the main squares in Odessa, Ukraine, in collaboration with local poet Victor Solodchuk. The 10-meter mural, titled Russian Attack, takes inspiration from a bloodthirsty warlord in the Hobbit movie trilogy that hit Netflix during Ukraine’s curfew. Solodchuk collaborated on the mural, adding lines of his poetry among Gittoes’ ink drawings in India. -“[H/T The Art Newspaper]

Beach suite by Tosin Oshinowo and cmDesign Atelier in Lagos. Photography by Tolo Sanusi

Tosin Oshinowo complements an attractive beachfront suite in Lagos with her minimalist style.

“The special topography of Lagos means that a series of idyllic beaches and tropical stretches of lush coastline are just a stone’s throw from the hustle and bustle of the Nigerian capital. Here, among sandy, palm-lined open spaces, architect Tosin Oshinowo was called in to create a simple beachfront pavilion. The project, a private space for leisure and relaxation, was named Coral Pavilion, in reference to the site’s proximity to the water and the private land it was built on.Following her work’s distinctive explorations of modern and minimalist architecture, Oshinowo created the pavilion’s form using low, clean lines and the prevailing tone of white which contrasts pleasantly with the greenery around it.” –[H/T Wallpaper]

The new suspension bridge in Bohemia is 788 feet long, making it the longest in the world.

Headed hikers note: The world’s longest suspension bridge has opened in the Czech Republic, connecting the peaks of Mount Králický Sněžník in East Bohemia. Known as Sky Bridge 721 (in meters), it is part of the mountain resort of Dolní Morava and took two years to build. When Opened in May 2022, it broke the Guinness World Record for “the longest in the world” of the 567-meter Baglung Parbat pedestrian bridge in Nepal, which opened to the public in July 2020.” –[H/T The Spaces]

“Soundsuits” Nick Cave in Times Square. Photography by Trend Reeves, courtesy of MTA

Nick how are you voice suits Find a noisy new home on the New York subway.

For an artist best known for voice suits that produce a variety of rhythmic effects when worn, Nick Cave Public Project, Every one, every one, equal for allI found a proper noisy home on the New York subway. Earlier this month, while previewing the completed project, the saxophone reverberated through the Times Square tunnels and 42nd Street subway station, almost overcoming the rumble and roar of trains. Here, the artist’s wearable work, blending dance with sculpture, has been dramatically transformed into mosaic tiles across nearly 4,600 square feet, across three contiguous underground sites — the first phase was completed last year — making this the largest project of Such has been completed so far in the New York City transportation system.”—[H/T The New York Times]

Researchers are trying to recreate an ancient Egyptian perfume worn by Cleopatra.

The team that used ancient recipes is back to recreate an ancient Egyptian perfume that Cleopatra might have worn again. This time, they’re turning to chemical analysis to decipher the fragrance’s exact ingredients and proportions. In the 4th century BC, Egyptian perfume recipes were written in Greek, and in the 1st century BC they appeared in Latin texts. When reading these novels, one very popular perfume appears – the Mendesian perfume from the city of Mendes. It was mentioned by several Greek and Roman writers, including Pliny the Elder, and like many scents today, it denotes alimony and luxury. Littmann calls it “Chanel No. 5” from ancient Egypt and says it was popular in Cleopatra’s time.[H/T Hyperallergic]

Photo by Bernard Lang

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