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Imagine a remote setting amidst manicured gardens, with luxurious amenities and privileged views of a picture-perfect 27-hole all-weather championship golf course. Imagine having a quick nature to escape from the fast-paced, busy and stressful city life. Imagine private luxury living where the perks and peace of mind you won’t find anywhere else.

An old world sporty luxury of the polite type is the Brittany Sta. Rosa, a partnership between Vista Land and the Quiros family. It is a luxury master community with 300 hectares of exclusive residences and themed enclaves located in the heart of Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

With over 30 years of experience in real estate, Vista Land has expanded its development in Sta. Rosa will feature other luxury residences with world-class features and amenities under its luxury residential arm, Brittany Corporation.

Located just a 40-minute drive from Makati’s Central Business District, the 300-hectare property showcases pockets of unique character consisting of large plots ranging from 750 to 1,500 square metres. Surrounded by a landscape filled with decades-old trees and enchanting bird species, these residential enclaves are surrounded by an array of social and recreational facilities designed for the whole family and the land made up of scenic gardens and woodland.

Spirited masterplan community

Planned by one of the nation’s largest architectural firms, Vista Land’s vision of developing meticulously designed character residences has evolved to include residential enclaves with unique character.

Fontamara, Belle Reve, Promenade, La Residencia de Sta. Rosa, Augusta, and Georgia Club are all named after some of the world’s most enchanting destinations. Residents can choose to return home to English gardens, Spanish farms, Italian villas, or Georgian colonial homes, depending on which style suits their tastes.

These exclusive properties retain their historical appeal without compromising modern amenities and luxuries. With lush green foliage, clear skies, open greenery, and beautiful homes in oversized spaces with nature as a backdrop, Brittany Sta. Rosa luxury real estate within Sta. Elena City stands out as a unique development.

Brittany Sta. Rosa includes luxury residential areas filled with old world charm and beauty.

Location is crucial when it comes to real estate. It is located in the heart of Sta. Rosa, Laguna, Brittany Sta. Rosa’s impressive location brings one closer to a whole new world of opportunity. Premium lifestyle centers, businesses and educational facilities are within easy reach.

One can also take a break of a different kind like Brittany Sta. Rosa is surrounded by some of the most popular golf courses in the country such as Sta. Elena Golf Club, The Country Club and Canlubang Golf and Country Club who have challenged and captivated golfers for over a decade and are all just a swing away from the planned community.

Privacy, exclusivity and high quality of life

Brittany Corporation, the luxury residential arm of the country’s largest home developer Vista Land, sets the standard in luxury homes and real estate plots, delivering superior home designs inspired by the world’s most glamorous cities.

The luxury residential enclaves located within the Sta Brittany area. Rosa offers unsurpassed space, comfort and exclusive finishes. A home that has been uniquely designed with privacy, exclusivity and a high quality of life in mind.

Fontamara, a charming three-hectare project, features elaborate decorative details combined with contemporary characteristics of Italian-inspired homes amidst the lush backdrop of trees, flowers and waterways.

Named after an attractive village in southern Italy, Fontamara is a very exclusive community spread over three hectares of scenic beauty and scenic beauty. Fontamara is also home to flat-roofed houses, tall, narrow windows, halls with frescoes and ornate arches, as well as well-manicured gardens and a cobbled entrance gate with a stunning fountain as its centerpiece. Fontamara consisted of 61 pieces that easily sold out after launch.

Meanwhile, for people who value privacy and exclusivity, Belle Reve, which literally means ‘beautiful dream’, offers a French-Mediterranean atmosphere filled with numerous gardens and squares created by world-class artists and architects.

In Belle Reve, no two gardens and two squares are the same. Open green spaces make up half of its total area of ​​20 hectares, centuries-old and decades-old trees stand in community blocks – a strong sense of commitment and appreciation for nature creating lush landscaping that provides a deep sense of peace for everyone who chooses to make Bell Countryside their home. The area of ​​​​reductions in Bell Reef is 1,200 square meters.

La Residencia de Sta. Rosa is a 20-hectare development that offers the ambiance of an authentic Spanish estate that is all elegant and comfortable, rustic and upscale all at once.

Surrounded by flowering trees and wonderfully landscaped gardens, the estate is a breath of fresh air from the busy city life. Clear stucco finishes, terracotta tile ceilings, patios, wrought-iron balustrades, and an arched sectional add to the ambiance of this Spanish-themed enclave. Like a canvas painted in shades of orange, yellow, and red amid blue skies and vast greenery, La Residencia truly is a picture-perfect community.

La Residencia also emulates the conservative atmosphere of colonial Spanish culture, putting serenity and relaxation at its highest. The enclave features a balance between indoor and outdoor living spaces where residents can feel immersed in their outdoor surroundings. They can simply indulge in a good porch-side nap, or entertain their friends and amigos in a cozy reception area. La Residencia is all about elegance and sophistication.

Amid an untouched landscape, the 15-hectare Augusta stands tall and prides itself on being an atmospheric private and secure American colonial-style residential enclave set among walled grounds. The gardens are a testament to classic English landscape design featuring a manicured lawn, spacious lawns, and great recreational options such as a well-equipped gymnasium, jogging paths with great views of the landscape, a huge swimming pool and a multi-purpose court, all within Augusta setting.

By developing the custom home site, the individual is given the freedom to create the home of his choice. Augusta has all the potential to create homes that are bound to become classics. Augusta 394 piece purchased quickly after launch.

The 15-hectare Georgia Club offers the finest image of the old American South in the country, a sanctuary inspired by the stately grandeur and subtlety of Georgia. Its distinctive homes, with architectural details such as wrap-around porches, gabled roofs, enclosed French windows and rope swings, express the elegance of the stately mansions and farmhouses that characterized an era of unbridled wealth enjoyed by the southern states in the 19th century.

Georgia Club Homes feature whimsical glamor with unique architectural details and English touches.

Cheerful meets exotic English accents at Georgia Club, which is a must for those needing a rustic getaway in high style. This recently opened enclave includes planted gardens, the Peachtree Club, Daisy Park, and more. Georgia Club is an idyllic English blend of old and new, complete with bay windows that combine tradition and modernity as well as simple yet elegant facades of beautiful classic proportions and proportions.

The Georgia Club consists of planted gardens, the Peachtree Club, Daisy Park, and more.

These two adjoining luxury residential enclaves are within easy reach of outstanding universities such as Our Lady’s College, De La Salle University, Saint Scholastica College, Don Bosco College, Xavier’s School, Miriam College, Brent International School and Stowe University. The Thomas Innovation Center is due to complete construction of its first building by June 2022. The luxury residential enclaves are easily accessible via the major highways South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) and Cavite Laguna Expressway (CALAX) and are close to key economic districts in the south.

It is also located in the region of Brittany. Rosa is its flagship community, the Promenade, another exclusive and charming 30-hectare collection of 235 plots nestled within lush forests that blend in beautiful decadent gardens.

Inspired by the gardens of the English countryside, the Promenade has everything you could ask for on a pleasant country estate – an epic gravel road, acre upon acre of grounds studded with thousands of pines, secret Italian gardens and labyrinths, high in black and – elaborate gold gates in 8th century style. Ten, man-made lakes, reflective ponds, cottages and an enchanting forest.

Inspired by the gardens of the English countryside, the Promenade contains acres upon acres of pine-studded grounds, gardens, and secret Italian labyrinths.

At the center of the park is the stunning Luxor Obelisk, a hallmark of the luxury residential enclave since its construction during the year of its launch. The Promenade also features gardens on every corner and rounded lounges with a lush array of flowering plants and greenery.

At the center of the park is the Luxor Obelisk, a hallmark of the luxury residential enclave since its construction during the year of its launch.

Promenade is the only development among the luxury residential enclave that offers panoramic and unobstructed views of the lanes of Banhau in Sta. Elena golf course. In this quiet enclave, there is a limited and exclusive row of lots with driveway views at the back of each lot.

The Promenade offers panoramic, unprotected views of Sta’s Banahaw Trails. Elena golf course.

The Promenade is also considered the greenest area with great views of Mount McKelling. Residents here embrace the wide open spaces, fresh country air, stunning landscapes, and sweeping views of well-groomed trails that are a signature of this stunning part of Sta Brittany. Rosa. The Promenade consists of 235 lots ranging in size from 750 to 1,500 square metres, with only a few lots available.

Residents of the Promenade embrace the wide open spaces, fresh country air, beautiful landscape, and sweeping views of the well-groomed trails that are a signature of this stunning part of Brittany Stadt. Rosa.

Brittany, the company behind these luxury residential enclaves, has always been dedicated to preserving the environment. With its ecosystem filled with hardwood trees, sprawling forests, and open green spaces, Brittany’s luxury residential enclaves, especially the park, have become a place for nature lovers.

It has become a nature reserve for at least 25 different species of birds, and the presence of lichens and fireflies indicates that the air is clean and unpolluted, according to a survey by the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines. The sprawling forest is home to more than 1,200 trees over 50 years old, which include Narra, Mahogany, Acacia, and Gmelina.

At Brittany Corporation, expect nothing less than sophistication, quality, elegance, and sustainability that signify perfection in providing a community where residents can live a luxurious lifestyle immersed in nature and enjoy their own private sanctuary that offers unparalleled multi-million dollar views, above the good life.

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